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Smart work and Determination of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently named Dr. Jennifer Walden as one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons in the whole country. She is privileged to have learned from the best professionals in her field while in New York cosmetic surgeons. She then established a prosperous practice in Manhattan before returning to her beloved hometown of Austin.

She is the only woman to have ever graced the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) board of directors. She has published several award-winning books as well as being an award-winning surgeon. The media love her personality and have featured her in various prominent magazines and national television programs. She is blessed with two beautiful kids who are highly successful in their respective fields.

People think that due to her success, Jennifer Walden has turned cold and intimidating, but this is not the case. She has an art of putting people at ease with her relaxed manner and calm confidence. She is also very warm and friendly. She controls every aspect of her operational room and office but does not portray herself as being harsh or uncaring. Although her field is very demanding, she has a soft motherly touch that is evident from her young twin sons.

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Northwest Hills, Austin. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her late father was a dentist. She appreciates her mother so much because she helped raise her two sons.

She was a bright kid and attended The University of Texas at Austin for her bachelor’s degree in Medicine. She was first sidelined before being accepted; motivated by being classified as a second-choice candidate, she graduated as Salutatorian in her class. She loved creativity and artistry and decided to venture into plastic surgery.

In her early twenties, dating, marriage and children were not really on her radar. When she approached her thirties, motherly instincts started kicking in and she opted for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Her whole family was delighted when her sons were born. She shifted to Texas so that her kids could grow up surrounded by their family. She is a family lady and still lives in her childhood home regardless of the money she has accumulated.


Adam Goldenberg: America’s Most Unlikely Fashion Company Founder

You can do anything you want to as long as you are unfazed by any obstacles in your way, and surround yourself with knowledgeable people who can help you reach your goals right? Well, that’s working out very well for Adam Goldenberg, co-founder of one of America’s hottest online fashion outlets, JustFab. The company has been in business since 2010, and Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler, have seen growth in sales at unprecedented numbers. Also part of this company is fashion model Kimora Lee Simmons, a driven woman who has adopted JustFab as her personal brand, and is responsible for getting new designs out on the market. Adam Goldenberg’s company has made tremendous headway in the fashion industry, but you might be surprised at where it started.

Goldenberg never had an education in fashion design or business, but that didn’t stop him at age 15 from starting up a small company called Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg’s startup got noticed by Intermix Media, the same company that would start Myspace some years later, and they were so impressed by the work Goldenberg did that they wanted to buy out Gamer’s Alliance and hire Goldenberg to work for them. Without even attending college, Goldenberg got into the corporate world at Intermix Media, and at age 20, he was their Chief Operating Officer. As you might expect, his knack for creative ideas led him to cross paths with another young innovator, Don Ressler who had also started up his own business at a young age, and the 2 quickly became friends.

Goldenberg worked for Intermix Media about 4 years, until NewsCorp bought them out, and Goldenberg and Ressler decided to start up their own independent business ventures on They both decided to try out their hand in the fashion industry, even though Goldenberg admits when he started, he didn’t even know the difference between a “peep toe and a Mary Jane”. Nonetheless they put their ideas to the test when they started some independent brands under their new company Intelligent Beauty. But they wanted to take it further, so they started up JustFab, an online fashion retailer delivering a cutting-edge shopping experience, and selling exquisite designs at an affordable price. The company at has made it big on the fashion stage and competes with the likes of Calvin Klein and Armani. Goldenberg was also pleased to partner up with Josh Hannah, a venture capital provider who has granted JustFab the opportunity to expand its sales.


Legally Enforcing Removal of Harmful Online Publications

Online reputation is as important as the physical reputation of a company. A single article, image, or podcast can make the reputation of a company tumble. It is becoming important for all businesses to engage the services of online Reputation Defender.
Customers are now more inclined in doing due diligence before they go shopping. A simple online search, and an utterly bad review of your company, and the customer is on his way to your competitor. Which begs the question, can your competitor amplify bad reviews to give himself an edge. Certainly, he or she can do that.

Fix Bad reputation is one of the providers of online reputation management. Recently, it announced its new service. It will offer legal and enforced removal of slanderous, malicious, and defamatory content on websites and search listings. It is not a walk in the park though since the current legal framework favors content providers.

Targeting business is a common internet practice, where rogue bloggers or websites venture into smear campaigns with the hope of blackmailing such business into offering them financial compensation in exchange for lifting the information online. With a legally binding proprietary strategies, websites with false information are forced to remove the content with immediate effect.

According to Fix Bad Reputation, legal liability is attached to the person who posts the review whether it is posted on a review website or in his or her social media platform. Honest businesses should operate in a conducive environment away from people with malicious motive. Unlike companies that have reviews befitting their quality of service or goods offered, good businesses can now enforce removal despite the legal loophole.

Online reputation management is a relatively new industry. It is expected that its growth will see more services and an even better operational environment. Today, anyone purporting to have used a service or a product from a company can review the product as he or she so wishes. It is the role of online reputation managers to check the veracity of the reviews, and if true, recommend changes to the service or product. This way, the customer is satisfied, and the online reputation is restored.


A Break-Down Of WHAT Medicare Advantage Plans Entail And Benefits To Users

Before choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, everyone will strive to understand how each works and the kind of benefits that are passed to members. This information has not been available for most individuals, so they are left with nothing but the basic options. There are many options that are targeted at covering specific issues affecting individuals that one can take advantage of.

It is necessary to understand how Medicare Advantage plans operate to make it easy to choose the most appropriate. Medicare Advantage plans are not managed by the federal government like Original Medicare. They are handled by private insurance firms, which receive a certain amount of money from the government, and then the benefits are transferred to members of the program. This implies the program is bound to have varying rules unlike the Original Medicare that is universally accepted and moderated by the federal government.

Drug coverage
The part D prescription drug coverage allows members to enjoy coverage for different types of drugs administered. Note that you need to specify the plan you want before you proceed with your application because each plan offers specific benefits. You cannot also have this coverage under both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plan.

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Rules and costs
Medicare pays an amount of money to your insurance firm every month and these companies are tied by the law to comply with the rules offered by the plan. This does not mean everything will be catered for 100 percent. There are out-of-pocket costs that may be charged when you access certain services.

About InnovaCare Health
Helping to uplift the lives of people has been the core business of InnovaCare Health, an established provider of managed healthcare services. The company serves the North American population and has been offering focused services that are aimed at enhancing the quality of medical care. InnovaCare has created bold patient-provider relationships and its subsidiaries have built sustainable models that are focused on innovation and safeguarding quality.

Starting with the CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto, InnovaCare has recorded a great reputation for working with the most reliable professionals in the industry. The industry experience of Dr. Richard Shinto is proven since he has worked with many other major healthcare companies like Aveta Inc,. within the U.S. Also in the management team is the highly experienced Penelope Kokkinides, who has proved his prowess while working as the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. He enjoys an experience spanning more than 25 years and is optimistic about the future of healthcare.

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How Securus Is Making It Easier For People To Enjoy Concerts

Being incarcerated often means that you miss the special moments in your loved one’s lives. Fortunately, Securus is making it easier for people to see the special events that their loved ones take part in. An incarcerated father recently got to see the video of his son’s concert thanks to Securus. The son’s concert was more meaningful because his father was able to attend it.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that has been around since 1986. This company is focused on making sure that people stay connected. One can schedule an at-home visit or on-site visit with the company’s video services. Securus’s video visitation services helps people save both time and money. Video visitation eliminates the need for one to visit the jail. The only thing that you need to use the video visitation services is a computer with a webcam and high-speed Internet. You can also use the video visitation service on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Securus also offers phone and email services. You can send emails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This company proudly serves 2,200 correctional facilities in the United States. It is easy to get help if you are having trouble with your account. The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach a customer service representative via email, phone or live chat. Furthermore, Securus has a variety of payment product options. You can pay via direct bill, traditional collect, inmate debit and advance collect.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


ClassDojo’s Newest Student Stories

Nothing is better than being connected to your child with their school projects and assignments. Very rarely do parents get to see the personal work they do, whether it’s an essay or even just homework. Oftentimes, it’s just the big projects that kids get to take home. Gone are the days where children needed to wait to get home to show their parents and guardians what they accomplished in school. ClassDojo recently launched a brand new tool, Student Stories. This is a new tool that allows for students to add videos and images to their virtual portfolios for their families to see.

Everything from poems that they wrote to videos of their school science experiments, they can all be photographed or even videotaped to be shared to families. Each student gets the chance to have their own “Student Story” that they get to update whenever they want to. Students don’t even need to own a smartphone or any device to start using these virtual stories. Every classroom will utilize a class QR code scanner that can take both pictures and videos to add to their story. They do not need a specific login code either to access it. Teachers do have to approve their stories one by one before families get to see the footage. Teachers have the option to add whatever they choose to the student stories.

Many teachers have voiced their excited opinions about this unique tool. Stephanie Smith is a fourth grade teacher in Tennessee, and she said that she is beyond excited at how her students can take ownership of their work. It’s a great way as well on getting families to speak about school and make it a topic at home.

It’s one thing to be able to see a project during parent-teacher conferences, but being able to be updated daily about their children’s work can be quite exciting. Students have a voice on what they do while also inspiring them to work harder knowing they can share their work to their families every single day.

This tool is a very new way on getting the parents involved. Teachers have the option to share anything they want to parents using this tool, whether it’s an essay that the child wrote or anything else the teacher think is worthy of sharing to the parent. These new technological tools are going to make school more interactive with more parenting involved.


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Seattle Genetics Integrating Technology and Innovation in Creating Healthcare Solutions

Seattle Genetics specializes in the production of biotechnology products, specifically anti-body based therapies and innovative technology for cancer treatment. The company also offers anti-body drug conjugates (ADCs), a specialized technology that is customized to offer targeting ability of delivery cell-killing agents into cancer cells. To address several unmet needs in the medical field, the company is creating a product pipeline that is unique and effective unlike traditional methods used in enhancing antitumor activity.

SEA Technology
The sugar-engineered antibody technology (SEA) is a unique approach that helps to increase the potency of antibodies and this has been integrated into the ADC technology. The technology offers non-fucosylated antibodies, which result to advanced innate response to immunity. One of the main advantages of this technology is that there are no genetic modifications and standard conditions are used for cell culture. This makes the technology both simpler and cost-effective.

The SEA-CD40 antibody, which was the first to be made using the SEA technology, works through conditional activation after crosslinking. Pre-clinical studies conducted by Seattle Genetics confirmed the antibody potently stimulates immune cells that can harness patient’s immune power, which can help to fight cancer.

Clinical trials for patients
To further study the different elements of cancer treatment, Seattle Genetics conducts research through clinical trials. These trials involve people and explore new methods that can be applied in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Clinical trials can also highlight other areas of care like improving quality of life.

Leadership: Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D.
Clay B. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has been contributing immensely towards the development of the company. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Clay Siegall pursued science with emphasis on cancer therapies and targeted treatments. Therefore, he built the company basing his foundation on science and innovation, reason Seattle Genetics has been creating unique healthcare solutions.

Under the leadership of Clay B. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has signed several licenses for ADC technology. These licenses include partnerships with leading companies like GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and Pfizer. Before joining Seattle Genetics, he worked with the Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute between the years 1991 and 1997.

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Stephen Murray: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Far too many times, people choose to speak rather than act. As a result, less and less gets done in society, forcing more and more people to spend many days living in uncertainty.

However, while many people fail to act, Stephen Murray did just the opposite. Despite an extremely successful career as the President and CEO of CCMP Capital Advisers, he chose to spend much of his free time working with one charitable group after another in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Having graduated from Boston College with an Economics degree and later from the famed Columbia Business School with an MBA, Stephen seemed to be destined for success early on in his career. As a credit analyst and later private equity specialist, Stephen used his financial knowledge to transform virtually every company for which he worked.

After many years of working for others, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital decided it was time for him to fulfill his own dream of being his own boss. Thus, he founded CCMP and immediately began to make an impact with clients as well as his community. As he gained more and more success, he realized it was also the perfect time to pursue numerous philanthropic interests.

Upon meeting with many charitable organizations, Stephen settled on the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Knowing nothing could be better than putting smiles on the faces of children who were ill, he went to work immediately by helping the Metro Area chapter of the organization.

Due to his tireless efforts helping with fundraising and organizing, Stephen Murray had the pleasure of helping many children and their families find a few moments of happiness in an otherwise sad time in their lives.

Along with this endeavor, he also decided it was time to help wipe out hunger in his community. Thus, he worked many hours with the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank, helping organize food drives as well as fundraising efforts for the charity. Due to his stature within the community, he was able to secure working relationships with many organizations, helping the food bank reach its goals time after time.

Demonstrating an attitude that actions do indeed speak louder than words, Stephen set an example that virtually everyone should aspire to match.

Whether it was starting a successful business or working for one charitable cause after another, it was clear Stephen was determined to see the world become a better place.
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Cash Flow Problem in Venezuela

A perfect storm has unfolded in the country of Venezuela, and although it is a bit bizarre how rapidly and just how bad it has gotten in the area, it all makes sense when you look at the facts from Corporation Wiki. Civil unrest has taken over the country, as there is a huge drought, a massive lack of food, and a large energy crisis, which really is due to the drought, as sixty percent of the countries energy comes from a major dam, which is at such low levels that they have even had to cut off a lot of the turbines that create the countries energy. However, the biggest hardship that the country is facing right now is their lack of cash flow. Venezuela is a socialist country that has come unto a lot of money, based on the fact that they have had large oil production over the last century. This led to politicians like Norka being able to bring in social programs to take care of its citizens, as well as provide a lavish lifestyle for a lot of people in the country. The oil production has just dropped to its lowest point in over a decade, and oil prices around the World have dropped significantly. This has cut off the cash flow to the country, although they still owe lots of money in terms of loans to China, so the reality of their situation is routed in its oil production and overall cash flow.




Through RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright Brings Home Buyers to Belvedere Square

As Baltimore continues to revitalize its image and attract more people and businesses into the city, companies like RPS Solutions is changing the image of iconic neighborhoods. Kevin Seawright has taken his partnership venture on a mission to boost the city’s economy by finding buyers willing to make the investment in a home and may not have considered the locations the city of Baltimore has to offer.

Seawright has been working in the city since 2015, and has stated his interest in working with the city to have more homes purchased. Seawright’s plan to entice buyers to come to Baltimore, lifting the percentage of home owners from its meager 48.3%.

One location that has captured Seawright’s attention, and he hopes can be transformed through buyer interest, is the historic Belvedere Square. Seawright has pegged the location as ideal for projects focused on restructuring and sees it as a prime opportunity to bring in young professionals in search of an emerging neighborhood who will not only purchase real estate their but help to build and nurture a community that can benefit the entire city of Baltimore.

Aside from the promise of fresh real estate, Seawright has also been focused on the economic benefits increased home owner rates will have for the city of Baltimore. RPS Solutions’ efforts to reach out to those outside the city or state in search of a new home can effectively remodel all of Belvedere Square, inviting new businesses into the region with a healthy consumer base that encourages investment, from both public and private sources. Seawright sees RPS as a mediator in this process, encouraging the city to provide new construction as they become relevant to the increased population, creating new jobs in that field along the way.

Kevin Seawright has spent his professional life working for both the public and private sectors, but almost always in a capacity that makes use of his understanding of finance. Though his work has had him travel, he has extended personal experience in Maryland and the DC Metro area.

After having formed RPS Solutions, Seawright has turned his focus to real estate in the city of Baltimore.  Read more about Kevin’s rise to the top on XRepublic.