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Human Rights in Arizona

Two Journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Created a fund to help organizations in the state of Arizona in supporting rights for migrants. The Frontera Fund, as it is known, was established by the two journalists, after a 3.75 million dollar settlement they received. The settlement came as a result of the two being arrested in October 2007.

They were arrested soon after they had revealed the existence of Grand jury proceedings that would seek out notes from reporters covering Maricopa county Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was the very same sheriff that arrested Lacey and Larkin in there homes in the middle of the night.

Since the arrest and subsequent settlement, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have used the Frontera fund to continue a long career fighting for Migrant rights. They are known for encouraging civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona. Their efforts extend to include the boarder of Mexico, which they call, “ La Linea Fronteriza”.

In 2014, The Lacy and Larkin Frontera fund partnered with an organization, the Colibri Center for Human Rights. The Colibri Center is a family advocacy group, dedicated to working toward ending migrant suffering and death on the boarder between Mexico and the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This non-profit group is based in Tuscon, Arizona. Their mission is to deal with the problems at the boarder with a focus on human rights. The Colabri Center uses three main tools to help accomplish their work. These are, The Missing Migrant Project, The DNA Program and Red de Familiares.

The Missing Migrant Project focuses on working with the families of missing migrants to gather as much forensic information as possible, even down to often overlooked details like tattoos and belt buckles. This information will be used by forensic scientists to track and identify missing migrants. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Taking that a step further, The DNA project is tasked with traveling between five major cities, to meet with the families of missing migrants, which will be used primarily to identify the bodies of the deceased. With the hopes of bringing closure to the families.

Finally, Red de Familiares, was designed as a network of support for the families of missing and deceased migrants. This will allow families to connect through social media, as well as over the phone and even face to face. This network is also used by the Colabri center as a means to evolve based on the needs of the members.

Thanks to the on going efforts of The Colabri Center for Human Rights, now backed by the support of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, the lives of migrants and their families have had a strong ally for over a decade. Through a realistic and data driven approach, they have impacted hundreds of lives, through a well rounded approach to solving a real world problem.


Bernardo Chua Business Accomplishments and Awards

Bernardo Chua’s biggest accomplishments


Bernardo Chua is one of the self-made and well-known entrepreneurs. He began humbly in the Philippines where he did various part-time jobs. He worked with Gano Excel and helped it expand to Canada, Hong Kong, and later on to the United States. In the year 2003, he moved to California to head Gano Excel USA.

In 2008, he founded his company Organo Gold in British Columbia, Canada. At that time the company was still a start-up and only had three employees. But it has since grown to be the multi-billion dollar company it is today. It, also, globalized and currently serves more than 35 countries around the world. Also, the number of employees grew from 3 to thousands.

The Most Appealing Achievement

Other than building his company from the small startup it was to the multi-billion company it is today, perhaps that most appealing accomplishment Mr. Bernado Chua has had is his decision to open Organo Gold company branch in Turkey – a country that is known for its huge appetite for coffee.

Awards received

The hard work and persistence of Mr. Chua have not gone unnoticed. He has been the recipient of numerous awards. He has been awarded, more than once, the Direct Sales Executive of the Year. In 2014, he received a Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Awards and two of the Dangal ng Bayan Awards in 2015. His success has, also, seen him be the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

The company too has not been left behind when it comes to awards. Organo Company has been awarded the People’s Choice Awards for best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and for the Number One Global Network Marketing Company.

Company Created

Bernardo Chua started off working on a part-time basis in the Philippines. He worked with Gano Excel and, through his input, helped the company expand up to the United States.

With the vast experience in marketing he had gathered through the years, he set out to establish his own company back in 2008, Organo Gold with the headquarters at Vancouver in Canada.

Organo Gold is a global coffee company that deals in the sales of Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium through various tea and coffee varieties and a number of personal care products. The company has grown and operates in more than 35 countries today.


Bruno Fagali Uses Proper Governance and Integrity to Find Justice for Brazilians

When faced with the need for an attorney, it is essential to consider hiring an attorney with a clear understanding of the legal system. For the people of Brazil, Bruno Fagali is one of the best attorneys legal advice and proper representation in court. With the market filled with lawyers from various departments, settling for a competent attorney is one of the best approaches for legal representation. It is important to get an attorney who can deliver to the standards of the case proceedings. Bruno Fagali is one such lawyer with strong academic credentials after attaining his master’s degree from the Sao Paulo University.


Bruno Fagali prominent for his excellent reputation of obtaining good results when it comes to practicing law. With several years of experience in administrative law, Bruno has established good working relationships with clients. He focuses on regulatory bidding law. From handling disputes to offering sound consumer advice and negotiating regulatory cases, Bruno Fagali has mastered the art of delivering the best services. He is a mogul in legal matters. Fagali is a rising top lawyer in a new legal system. Through his extensive experience has he used his knowledge to create an unparalleled reputation for his organization.


His in-depth knowledge of understanding situations has led to his involvement in several cases as the representative. Since 2006, Bruno Fagali practiced law in different disciplines. Currently, he serves at Nova/SB as the manager in charge of corporate integrity. Through his law firm called the Fagali Law Firm, Bruno Fagali practices law independently. Fagali’s expertise is well known to the masses in Brazil. In an interview, he stated integrity as well as development as his key performance strategies. Under his unmatched leadership, Bruno has led his company to become a leading case representation in Brazil. He uses proper governance and integrity to work with clients and his management in good case representation. He also employs the two elements in winning cases by providing justice. Bruno’s reputation continues to rise in corporate law thanks to his commitment to integrity and proper governance. His expertise is unmatched.


Richard Mishaan Design: Luxury, Functionality, and Art

For over 25 years Richard Mishaan Design has created luxurious spaces for clients spanning the globe. Mishaan Design works extensively with A list clients to meet their stylistic desires while at the same time working to utilize and enhance rooms turning them into functional spaces. Listening to clients’ needs and utilizing his design expertise Richard Mishaan Design has turned spaces into works of art.

Mishaan Design’s extensive portfolio spans from luxurious summer homes and penthouse suites to small studio apartments. Richard Mishaan Design makes creative use of spaces from furniture to light fixtures while also including complementing pieces of artwork. My favorite example of this can be seen in his work in Cartagena. This work in Cartagena is my favorite due to the nod to his Columbian roots. Mishaan designed this home with hints of stylistic Columbian features while at the same time keeping the design modern and true to functionality. In addition, several of the rooms include subtle hints of Columbia’s rich heritage with thoughtful placement of Columbian paintings and photographs.

Richard Mishaan Design also uses his talents for philanthropic efforts. Each year, Richard Mishaan Design comes together with other interior designers to participate in the annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Here Richard Mishaan Designs, along with other interior designers, highlights his latest works while at the same time raises funds for the Boys and Girls Club.

Due to his keen ability to mix modern with functionality and art, Richard Mishaan Design consistently wins awards. Each year, Mishaan Design is selected as Architectural Design’s top 100 designers and is featured as an Elle Décor A List. For those interested in learning more about as well as viewing exclusive works by Mishaan, he has written two books Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, both made available by The Monacelli Press and can be purchased through Amazon.




Staying Ahead Of The Curve With Paul Mampilly

Mr. Mampilly began his career on Wall Street in 1991. He started out working at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He rose quickly through the ranks and was managing multimillion dollar accounts at ING and Deutsche Bank. He was recruited to Kinetics Asset Management in 2006 to handle the hedge fund of the six billion dollar firm.

Once Paul Mampilly was on board, profits rose to 25 billion dollars, and Kinetics Asset Managment was named one of the world’s best hedge fund management companies. During the 2008 to 2009 financial crisis, Mr. Mampilly was invited to participate in an investment competition that was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. Not only did Mr. Mampilly exceed the initially $50 million dollar investment, but he also turned in into an $88 million dollar investment, all during the financial crisis.

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New Chapter
Mr. Paul Mampilly phased out of Wall Street and now dedicated his time to helping ordinary people save for retirement and make money on their investments. He founded Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes to reach more individuals who need financing help. He researches stocks extensively before he recommends them to anyone, typically putting 30 or 40 hours into one stock option. Paul Mampilly also makes sure to write at a level that makes it easy for everyone to understand, and includes reasons why a specific stock would work well for certain individuals.

Exciting Trends
Paul Mampilly is very excited about the Internet of Things and believes that this will become a major factor in finances and how people do business. Machines will do things that people can’t, and this will make a huge difference on how businesses are run. He also likes to keep track of millennials, because this generation is going to be taking over very soon and they are over 90 million active individuals.

Mr. Mampilly is living proof that you’re never too old to change your career. Branching out and trying new ventures will always bring some reward, and keeping track of current trends are how you stay ahead of the curve.

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A Snapshot Of JHSF CEO and Chairman, José Auriemo Neto

Who Is Jose Auriemo Neto?

Jose Auriemo Neto currently presides as the chief executive officer and board chairman of the Brazilian real estate development company, JHSF. He is a graduate of the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University, which is an elite Brazilian higher education institution located in the city of Sao Paulo. Mr. Auriemo Neto studied business and management there.

Following his graduation from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University, Mr. Jose AuriemoNeto began working for the JHSF development group in 1993. After working for a few years at the company in entry level positions, Jose Auriemo Neto created a service department for JSHF when he came up with the idea of a parking lot management company. It was named Parkbem and is considered to be the predecessor of the entire services division at JHSF. Parkbem was formed by Jose Auriemo Neto in 1997 as part of the JHSF development company.

After buildng and developing the parking lot management and services sector of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto was given the task of developing the firm’s first shopping mall development. It was called Shopping Santa Cruz and was located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its succesfull construction was overseen directly by Jose Auriemo Neto who was a rising figure in JHSF’s executive team at the time. Click here to know more.

Mr. Auriemo Neto was tasked with other firsts for the JHSF company as well. It was he who led the company’s first forway into the retail sector. This was achieved when Jose Auriemo Neto signed contracts with luxury retailers such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Pucci. These luxury brand would open their first stores at JHSF’s Cidade Jadrim shopping center. Jose Auriemo Neto also helped Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino establish their first stores in Brazil at their shopping destinations.

Today, Jose Auriemo Neto continues to develop and oversee retail, commericial and residential development at JHSF. The commericial interests he oversees includes professional office space, luxury hotels and high end residential properties. Mr. Auriemo Neto also serves as an overseer of the construction and development of public buildings for the Brazilian government. He is also directly responsible for the successful completion of two future additional JHSF real estate development projects in the Sao Paulo area.


Rona Borre; Cutting Edge Entrepreneur And Business Executive

Rona Borre is the incumbent founder and chief executive officer of Instant Alliance. The Instant Alliance is a full-service staffing company that is dedicated to providing its wide range of clients with the best staffing services. The company thrives on being able to match the right individual with their desired company for mutual benefit and success.

Rona is one of the highly revered women in the entrepreneurship world. Rona earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. After she had completed her education, she set off her career at a receptionist at an advertising agency in Chicagoland.

In a recent interview, Rona Borre explained how she has been able to go above the fray in a market that is saturated with subpar hiring and placing services. She explains that working with a team that advocates for the values and principles as she does, goes a long way in ensuring that the job is done well. Rona also believes that a leader has to treat his/her employees well. They have to pass the challenge of embracing every new day and coming up with new ideas that can improve the business.

The idea of starting of Instant Alliance was placed in her mind after she had acquired the relevant skills from her previous job. The hiring and placement companies were going through a season of layoffs and Rona was able to turn the situation around in her favor despite the non-compete decree that was prevalent. She did this by establishing a rapport with her clients and giving them top notch treatment. The customers, in turn, appreciated her efforts by connecting her with the companies that she had placed them in and this led to the establishment of her successful company.  For additional reading, click on

Rona Borre mentions the chief people officer of McDonald’s as one of her major influences. Conversations with him have enlightened her on the importance of fostering a company culture and allowing the employees to explore innovative approaches as well. Instant Alliance is comprised of a young team of professionals who are eager to ensure that the early days of their careers are nothing but successful.

Rona Borre is an inspirational career woman and her impact in the industry has been celebrated by the numerous awards that she has received. She has been recognized by notable household names like CNN, CBS and the Crain’s Chicago among much more.  Related article on

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Rick Smith: Steering Securus Technologies to Greater Height

Rick Smith is Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer. Securus is a leading IT firm that offers tech solutions that are aimed at protecting the society. Some of their clients include public safety institutions like correctional facilities, as well as individuals. The company specializes in criminal justice technologies that can help protect people and investigate situations. Securus Technologies are offering services that focus on preventing and solving various types of crime. The solutions also assist in resolving crimes that inmates commit when they’re in prison.

Rick Smith is also the chairperson of Securus Technologies. He believes that his company is offering effective services that can help cut down on the future crime rates. Also, he claims that Securus continually sends out product development proposals on a weekly basis to assist correction agencies and law enforcers in their investigations. This enables the firms to help solve crimes.


Securus Technologies renders services that prevent social problems. That’s why they receive numerous emails, calls, and letters from clients who are satisfied with the services. Thanks to Rick Smith’s leadership, the company has improved its customer service. Rick has used his position as CEO to ensure that clients receive satisfactory services. This way, the customers feel safe.

Families of inmates are feeling much safer now because of the tech solutions that Securus offers. According to the company’s chairman and CEO, a feeling of safety allows people to become more productive. He feels that his company is responsible for protecting the society including those held in correctional facilities.

Today, Securus Technologies provides monitoring services to individuals and businesses to help them boost security in their homes and business premises. The company is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 2,450 correction agencies, public safety firms, and law enforcement agencies. In addition, Securus serves over 1 million inmates in North America.

When Mr. Smith was appointed the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, he knew that it was his responsibility to grow the company. Since his appointment, he has worked diligently to ensure the company creates better solutions and attract more clients. Before joining Securus in 2003, CEO Rick Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Incorporated. He was the president and chief operating officer of the telecommunication company. His leadership role at Eschelon helped him become a great CEO at Securus Technologies. Follow Rick’s profile at

Rick Smith is undoubtedly an excellent choice for Securus Technologies. He has the right amount of skill and knowledge required to lead the company to success. His experience in the technologies sector also enables Securus Technologies to come up with innovative solutions that can help improve the client’s safety. Also, Rick’s experience helps him provide motivation to his team and customers. While working at Securus, he has found ways to connect inmates with their friends and family members.


A Solution to Relapsing-Remitting MS – Harnessing the Power of Stem Cells

Stem cell research has given way to many incredible opportunities for tackling a host of chronic illnesses. Recently, researchers overseeing the HALT-MS Study – a study aimed at treating relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis – reported positive findings after exploiting the relationship between stem cells and immunity.


HALT-MS is a five-year study that was conducted to determine the effects of high-dose immunotherapy (HDIT) coupled with autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) on relapsing-remitting MS. The study involved 24 participants aged from 26 to 52 and suffering from persistent cases of the condition in spite of taking clinical medication. The study was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The study began with the collection of the participants’ blood-forming stem cells. The participants would then undergo high-dose chemotherapy that would leave their immune systems critically depleted. The researchers then re-introduced the harvested stem cells into the body to rebuild the natural immune system. Notably, the participants did not take any clinical medications throughout the period of the study.



69% of the participants lasted the entire trial period without showing any progress in their relapsing-remitting MS. Several patients also showed improvements such as recovery of mobility and physical disabilities.


The researchers also determined that HDIT/HCT was much more effective and safer compared to the best clinical medications. However, it was also associated with side-effects such as infection due to the low body immunity. Research is still ongoing to get a clearer understanding of this breakthrough procedure.


About Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a graduate of the Government Medical College where he graduated in 1979. Since then, he has honed his stills practicing in different hospitals including the Boston City Hospital. He currently practices neurology in Voorhees, NJ. He is an affiliate at the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He is also a certified psychiatrist.


A dedicated neurologist, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is one of the scientists leading researches into relapsing-remitting MS and a host of other neurological conditions.


Yanni Hufnagel, Path To Success

Yanni Hufnagel is a high-energy NCAA assistant basketball coach with remarkable recruiting skills. Coach Hufnagel’s successful career at a reasonably young age is testament to his unshakable work ethic and strong character. His brilliant understanding of the game, and his uncanny ability to connect with players, guarantee Coach Hufnagel a long and prosperous career in the sport he has devoted his life to.


Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale, New York, in the 1980s and 90s. When most kids his age were reading comic books and playing with GI Joe action figures, Yanni was reading coaching books and running plays with miniature basketball figurines. His devotion to basketball was so strong that when he was cut from his high school team, he still found a way to stay involved with the team as a sports broadcaster for his local public television station.


While studying at Cornell University, Yanni served as a manager for the Cornell Big Red basketball team before receiving a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets. After graduating from Cornell with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, he was given the opportunity to study at University of Oklahoma and serve as a graduate assistant coach for Coach Jeff Capel. At Oklahoma, Yanni earned his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education.


Yanni left Oklahoma for Harvard in 2009 where he went to work for Coach Tommy Amaker. In his four years at Harvard, he was nationally recognized for his recruiting skills by CBS Sports. He left Harvard for Vanderbilt in 2013 and helped the Commodores with the distinguished 2014 recruiting class.


After Vanderbilt, Yanni went to University of California, Berkley and helped recruit a top 5 class that includes Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb. He also helped Cal to its highest NCAA Tournament seed with a 23-11 record. Following Cal, Yanni joined the University of Nevada Wolf Pack, where after only one year he has made his presence felt.