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Avazz activists Extol French Elections & WW2 Anniversery

Recently on May 8th, Avazz activists rallied at the Eiffel Tower in victory over the French presidential election of Emmanuel Macron, who won over liberal Marine Le Pen despite the rain. They celebrated the big win as well as the anniversary of WW2. Activists called for solidarity, diligence and harmony while waving banners that condemned racism and French or European flags. They were joined by other worldwide activists and even an Auschwitz camp survivor, Elie Buzyn, who requested Avaaz stay steadfast in their support of Macron, who they helped win, as well as renewing their dedication in the fight against extremism and violence. One supporter mentioned that citizens in Austria and the Netherlands also denied their extreme candidates. Avazz has brought awareness and demonstrated against the contentious National Front leaders.


Avazz is an online U.S. based civic organization that encourages international activism or involvement focuses on issues such as armed conflicts, corruption, poverty, climate change, economic matters and animal rights. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s biggest and influential online activist organizations. Avaaz means “voice” in various dialects around the world. Avaaz operates and constructs demonstrations globally, not just in the United States. Avaaz was created in 2007 to promote justice and democracy across the world in a vast assortment of matters. Its members are in over 200 nations and more than 40 million strong. The personnel uses 15 various languages to converse with members. This organization connects people worldwide and commissions them to intercede on different causes, awareness’s and matters. The campaigns are directed by a group located in over 30 countries around the world. This team offers assistance through email, online petitions, advertisements, legal consultation, campaign advice and other resources.

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Bruce Bent II Leads Double Rock To Success

The success of the Double Rock Corporation has continued the large levels of achievement that have consistently been associated with the work of financial expert Bruce Bent II, the man who has led Double Rock Corporation from establishment to over $100 billion in managed assets. This success should not come as any surprise to those who have been aware do the work of Bruce Bent II in the past; the majority of those who know the name Bruce Bent II understand he came to prominence has Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation where he helps financial companies come up with creative financial solutions.

Bruce Bent attende Northeastern where he recieved his Bachelor’s degree. Quickly after that he began his financial career where has helped so many companies. He is iconic entrepenuer and financial guru of our time. His father was the founder of the first money market fund.Growing up in a financial family gave Bent II some of his innovating skills that he has carried through into his career.

Although he has developed a number of unique and innovative new areas of technology that have had a major effect on the global financial markets, Bruce Bent II enjoys looking back at those who have built long term careers when seeking business advice for the future. Not only does Bent II seek advice from his own father, but also harks back to Jean Paul Getty’s “How To Be Rich” when in need of business inspiration.

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Reviewing The Contribution Of White Shark Media To Building Small Businesses

Small businesses face a lot of challenges that can only be resolved through creative measures like working out a marketing strategy that can place the business above competitors. Competition is one of the most complex challenges a business encounters while pursuing its development and in the absence of intelligent ideas, it can prove daunting to achieve its goals. White Shark Media has been helping small businesses to overcome the nightmares that come with the lack of proper marketing capabilities. The company offers intelligent marketing solutions that are backed by AdWords and SEM strategies tailored to support small and medium size businesses.


Evaluation by AdWords experts

Before taking any action or proposing ideas for marketing, there is need to first evaluate the performance of the business and its capability to handle certain challenges. Once this is established, what follows is coming up with a plan that would make it possible to overcome the challenges identified. White Shark Media has been training and appointing experts to various offices and one of the areas they have proved to perform perfectly is in the placement of AdWords experts, who review the progress of businesses presented by their clients then come up with a suitable plan.


Live GoToMeeting evaluations

All the evaluations that are performed by White Shark Media are channeled through avenues where the client can track the progress of the campaign. Through GoToMeeting conferences, the company connects with clients in a live session, which allows experts to explain the actions they have embraced to develop the business. This offers the client a chance to also ask questions and learn important aspects of the niche that could inspire changes. All processes are open and done with due consideration to honesty to ensure the business is placed on a clean platform that is designed to offer it an easy way to develop.


Inspire better AdWords performance

Businesses that have AdWords campaigns that have stalled can also seek support at White Shark Media. The company works with powerful tools to allow businesses to manage their marketing projects seamlessly and to understand the movement of the market. White Shark Media picks up the AdWords campaign and despite its poor performance, the client is assured of a better outcome after a short period of time. This is made possible by the fact the company is also a Google SMB Premier partner, something that gives it leverage to manage marketing campaigns it the AdWords section.


Alexandre Gama Blazes A Trail In Global Advertising

Prior to the arrival of Alexandre Gama in the Brazilian advertising industry there was little global acceptance for creatives from South America, but Gama himself has managed to change the entire perception of Brazilian advertising through his success on a global scale. Beginning his career in 1982, Alexandre Gama has worked his way to the top of the industry in what could be described as an amazing journey in an industry that traditionally sees a high turnover of professionals.

Alexandre Gama had already found a major level of success in Brazil in the 1980s and 90s when he decided to form his own Neogama agency in 1999; for example, by 1990 Gama had moved from his role as a writer at Standard Ogilvy to the DM9 agency where he became the most awarded writer in Brazil over his four years with the company. The success of the work of Alexandre Gama has made him a globally recognized figure who has sat on jury’s for film and advertising festivals in Britain and across Europe. Gama’s work has also been classed as art with exhibitions being held in a number of world renowned museum spaces, including an extensive exhibition held at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Not only has the success of Alexandre Gama seen him rewarded with a series of awards from Cannes and the honor of being the first Brazilian to hold a masterclass at Cannes, but his career has also seen his Neogama ad agency rewarded with partnerships with the major agency BBH. Whilst acting as the global Chief Creative Officer for the BBH Neogama partnership Gama also developed his long held interest in motor sports and the automotive industry when he decided to become a partner in the English sports car manufacturer, Briggs Automotive Company.

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Equities First Holdings is a private institution that provides consumers with alternative financing solutions. The establishment has always been committed to helping its customers get the capital they need so that they can meet their professional and personal goals. The company offers money to individuals whose shares that are publicly traded.

Since its establishment in the market several years ago, Equities First Holdings has been acquiring more clients from different parts of the globe. The organization has managed to open several branches in nine nations in the world. Some of these branches include Equities First London, Equities First Singapore, Equities First Hong Kong and Equities First Australia. The private company is planning to open more branches in the recent future to boost its revenue.

Banks and other lending businesses in the world have decided to tighten their lending criteria, making it hard for the consumers to meet the credit qualifications. With the harsh economic climate, these institutions have been forced to increase their interest rates too. On the other hand, Equities First Holdings has noticed an increase in its clientele. This is because the customers are only required to use their stocks to acquire loans. As long as the loans are trading in the public, then the clients can access their loans for a short duration.

Apart from being accessible to investors and other organizations, the loans from this company do not attract high-interest rates like those from the conventional banks. The clients get a fixed interest of the capital borrowed. There are no restrictions on these loans, and this means that the borrower has the liberty to use the credit the way they want.

Equities First Holdings has a team of experts who work day and night to make sure that the needs of the demanding clients are met in time. These individuals process the loans very fast, and the clients do not have to wait for a long time. Since it was established in 2002, the organization has been very successful, completing more than six hundred and fifty transactions. These operations are estimated to have been worth over one and a half billion. Under the leadership of Al Christy, the organization wants to open more branches to reach more people in different parts of the world. for more information.


Helane Morrison Made It Big In The Business World

Helane Morrison is a person of great integrity, and she has held these standards all her life. Furthermore, Morrison works in a position where she makes sure others hold these standards, as well. As chief compliance officer at Hall Capital, she oversees the ethics of all employees. Additionally, Morrison has worked as a lawyer. In this capacity, she worked to make sure others met ethical standards, as prescribed by the law. Her success in both law and business sets a good example for other women. Many have said that she has broken through the “glass ceiling” that impedes many women in their career success.

Helane Morrison began her career as a professional in the legal field. As a law clerk for the US Circuit of Appeals, she was extremely skilled at her job. After she held this job, she became a different type of lawyer. Rather than working for someone else, she opened her own practice. At this practice, she worked to maintain integrity in the corporate world. She did a lot of work with prosecuting those in the corporate world that violated business laws. In fact, Helane was quite successful at this. However, she decided to go into the corporate world herself. Her mission was always promoting ethical business practices, and she does this in her current job.

In the position of chief compliance officer at Hall Capital, Helane Morrison works extremely hard to make sure all levels of the company use good business ethics. She seems to be doing a great job of this. In fact, she’s done such a great job that Hall Capital has an outstanding reputation in terms of ethics. Hall Capital is not only a successful investment firm but also a fair one.

Hall Capital is known as a friendly workplace for women. Not only that, but it is a workplace that is run and was founded by women. Kathryn Hall started Hall Capital. Additionally, the other two employees in the company’s highest offices are both female. Furthermore, Hall Capital has been known to be very inclusive with hiring women at all levels. In addition, Hall Capital has had a lot of success as an investment firm. Many people and companies trust their funds with Hall Capital. The success of the women in the upper ranks of Hall Capital serve to inspire other women in the business world.


Avi Weisfogel: Choosing A Reputable Sleep Apnea Doctor

Are you looking for information about sleep apnea doctors or how to find a sleep apnea doctor? Wondering why many people regard Avi Weisfogel as one of the best sleep apnea doctors in the nation? Sleep apnea is a condition that afflicts many people in our society. This health condition causes breathing to stop and start during sleep, and it can occur up to hundreds of times per night.

According to The Huffington Post, choosing a sleep apnea doctor is not something to be taken lightly. There are many sleep apnea doctors around the nation but you need to be sure you are dealing with a reputable doctor. Some people find a good doctor by asking for recommendations from family, friends or colleagues. This can be a great way to find a reliable sleep apnea doctor. Once you have a list of recommended sleep apnea doctors, visit their website to get acquainted with their practice, and set up a consultation. During this meeting, you will be able to ask questions and find out if the doctor is right for you.

When it comes to choosing a reputable sleep apnea doctor, look no further than Avi Weisfogel – a top rated sleep apnea doctor. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the nation’s top sleep apnea doctors. He has been in practice for many years and comes highly recommended in the industry. Avi Weisfogel takes the time to evaluate his patient’s situation before embarking on any treatment or procedure. He has a good knowledge of sleep apnea and related conditions and always makes sure to use the most appropriate approach in resolving his patients’ problems.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is passionate about treating all conditions pertaining to sleep disorders, particularly obstructive sleep apnea. He cofounded the Dental Sleep Masters, a renowned dental practice based out of South Orange, New Jersey. Avi Weisfogel started the dental office in April 2014 in partnership with two other dentists. Dentists affiliated with the dental office offer patients oral applicators as a great alternative to traditional treatments for sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel is in charge of Dental Sleep Masters’s overall business growth.

Prior to opening the dental office, Dental Sleep Masters, Avi Weisfogel owned and operated Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, which was located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He was Chief Lecturer at that center. Avi Weisfogel was also co-owner and managing partner of Healthy Heart Sleep, which was also located in Old Bridge.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel loves to ski, and he enjoys spending time with his family. Avi Weisfogel is a known philanthropist and recently launched a GoFundMe campaign benefitting Operation Smile. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign.


Reasons behind the Success Story of Highland Capital Management

Investment management has changed the economic development of many countries across the word. This has led to subsequent infrastructure development which has intern positioned countries in the global limelight. Highland Capital Management is a recognized investment management firm that has invested a lot of resources in United States of America. The firm specializes in merger and acquisition of assets and properties. As such, many companies and institutions have benefited from the financial opinion and management knowledge they have received from the firm. Due to the tremendous success, the firm has outline top ten achievements in 2015. According to Octa Finance, Highland Capital Management has increased its potential in acquisition of other services to add to their existing stocks. According to the release, the firm shows the hedge fund portfolio has decreased with 3.43 billion dollars from the previous year representing a decrease of 1.48 billion dollars. The company has moved on to acquire new stocks where the new purchases raised to 69 where additional purchases were 62 making a total amount of sold out stocks at 119.
During this quarter, the company has moved to acquire new holdings which include Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr at 67.07%, Amazon Com Inc and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc among others. The firm later increased its position in the asset management where it acquired increased stakes in other small companies adding to the success it made. Highland Capital Management later sold its stocks in Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd and Envision Healthcare Hldgs In where they were geared towards ensuring financial stability.

The success story behind Highland Capital Management revolves around its co-founder and president James Dondero. Jim Dondero has been at the helm of the company’s leadership for a long time which has given him the vigor to develop the company into a global entity. With over 30 years experience in the world of financial management, James Dondero has been a key figure in the formulation of policies that have seen the company increase in profit marginalization and asset acquisition.

Jim Dondero started his depute in the financial management field immediately he graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and financing. James Dondero started his career as the Chief Investment Officer at the Protective Life where he helped the company to accumulate a total of 2 billion dollars of funds under its management. This was the dream job that made him conquer and prosper in the financial management field according to


Zaheer Merchant: QNET’s Operations in India are Legal

Being a young player in a field dominated by big direct selling companies has never dampened QNET’s spirit. The company utilizes the power of e-commerce to get ahead of its competitors. Since its inception in South East Asia, it has expanded and spread to more than 100 countries across Europe, Africa, East Asia and Russia.

QNET has been in operation In India for more than ten years. During that time, it has had to deal with various challenges. The company has been wrongly accused of being a money making scheme that is out to cheat customers. It has come out strongly to refute these claims. Talking to Dilip Kumar Jha, QNET’s Director of Corporate Affairs Zaheer Merchant attempts to clear the air and outlines the company’s plans in India.

Commenting on the company’s cheating allegations, Merchant explained that QNET has been operating in India for 13 years, and that its operations are genuine and legal. He blames the lack of proper regulation in the direct selling industry. If the right policies were in place, genuine companies would be able to distinguish themselves from mere money making schemes.

Lack of proper legislation has really affected QNET’s operations. It has been subjected to unnecessary legal hurdles that have lead to baseless claims. If proper policies were in place, investigators would be able to realize that QNET’s operations are transparent and within the legal framework. If QNET was only after quick money, they would not go to such lengths in clearing their names.

India’s business environment has had quite a number of challenges. Though many multi-national countries would have liked to move there, they are cautious. Proper policies need to be in place if the business environment in the country is to evolve into a favorable one.

Despite the challenges that QNET is facing in India, Merchant has assured that the company will continue operating in the country. QNET will work together with the government and the customers in finding lasting solutions, and will remain committed to its distributors. As a sign of commitment, the company is investing in manufacturing facilities in India. Some of its products are already being produced in the country.

QNET has over 30 brands of products that fall into nine categories. Three years ago, there was a shift in the company’s production strategy. Instead of focusing on lifestyle, QNET’s products are now aimed at enhancing people’s lives.


Dan Newlin the Super Lawyer

At the young age of 20, Dan Newlin decided that he wanted to turn his life to helping others. He began his career in law enforcement. Being a police officer had been a dream of Newlin’s since childhood. During his whole adolescence, he had taken every chance he could to help make sure this dream came true. Newlin studied law enforcement courses in school, and took chances to form relationships with high ranking police officers.

Dan Newlin worked with a multitude of organizations over the course of his police career.
He started with the New Chicago Police Department in Indiana. He also worked with teh New Chicago Fire Department. Newlin worked for a decade with the New Chicago Police Department before he was offered a job in Orange County, Florida. There he worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Dan Newlin worked hard and proved himself on cases involving narcotics, assault, grand theft auto, and even homicides. Newlin was honored for his work, and earned a promotion to the Fugitive Division as a detective. There he worked on the most dangerous cases that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office encountered. After a decade of professionalism and hard work, Newlin had earned several promotions, and he had been honored with the heavily coveted rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Newlin earned more than just promotions for his service. The United States Marshall’s Office recognized Newlin for this years of service and dedication.

After years of serving behind the badge, Newlin decided that he wanted to turn his knowledge to the courtroom. In 1997, Newlin was accepted into Florida State College of Law. In 2000, he graduated and earned his licences to practice law in Florida. He also earned his license to practice in Illinois. Newlin as established locations in both states. Dan Newlin has brought the best and brightest legal minds to sign onto his legal team at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The team is known for their world class legal services and customer service. They have earned thousands of clients and won countless awards. At the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, the crew was ecstatic when they found out they had been named a “Super Lawyer Law Firm.” Less than five percent of all law firms in the United States have earned that prestigious honor.

To date, Newlin and his team have recovered over 150 million in damages for their clients. The firm has grown from just a lawyer and a secretary to a multi-location firm that serves all of Illinois and Florida. They specialize in personal injury, auto accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents, construction injury cases, medical negligence, wrongful death, and persons wrongfully charged with criminal offense.