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Legally Enforcing Removal of Harmful Online Publications

Online reputation is as important as the physical reputation of a company. A single article, image, or podcast can make the reputation of a company tumble. It is becoming important for all businesses to engage the services of online Reputation Defender.
Customers are now more inclined in doing due diligence before they go shopping. A simple online search, and an utterly bad review of your company, and the customer is on his way to your competitor. Which begs the question, can your competitor amplify bad reviews to give himself an edge. Certainly, he or she can do that.

Fix Bad reputation is one of the providers of online reputation management. Recently, it announced its new service. It will offer legal and enforced removal of slanderous, malicious, and defamatory content on websites and search listings. It is not a walk in the park though since the current legal framework favors content providers.

Targeting business is a common internet practice, where rogue bloggers or websites venture into smear campaigns with the hope of blackmailing such business into offering them financial compensation in exchange for lifting the information online. With a legally binding proprietary strategies, websites with false information are forced to remove the content with immediate effect.

According to Fix Bad Reputation, legal liability is attached to the person who posts the review whether it is posted on a review website or in his or her social media platform. Honest businesses should operate in a conducive environment away from people with malicious motive. Unlike companies that have reviews befitting their quality of service or goods offered, good businesses can now enforce removal despite the legal loophole.

Online reputation management is a relatively new industry. It is expected that its growth will see more services and an even better operational environment. Today, anyone purporting to have used a service or a product from a company can review the product as he or she so wishes. It is the role of online reputation managers to check the veracity of the reviews, and if true, recommend changes to the service or product. This way, the customer is satisfied, and the online reputation is restored.