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Rick Smith: Steering Securus Technologies to Greater Height

Rick Smith is Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer. Securus is a leading IT firm that offers tech solutions that are aimed at protecting the society. Some of their clients include public safety institutions like correctional facilities, as well as individuals. The company specializes in criminal justice technologies that can help protect people and investigate situations. Securus Technologies are offering services that focus on preventing and solving various types of crime. The solutions also assist in resolving crimes that inmates commit when they’re in prison.

Rick Smith is also the chairperson of Securus Technologies. He believes that his company is offering effective services that can help cut down on the future crime rates. Also, he claims that Securus continually sends out product development proposals on a weekly basis to assist correction agencies and law enforcers in their investigations. This enables the firms to help solve crimes.


Securus Technologies renders services that prevent social problems. That’s why they receive numerous emails, calls, and letters from clients who are satisfied with the services. Thanks to Rick Smith’s leadership, the company has improved its customer service. Rick has used his position as CEO to ensure that clients receive satisfactory services. This way, the customers feel safe.

Families of inmates are feeling much safer now because of the tech solutions that Securus offers. According to the company’s chairman and CEO, a feeling of safety allows people to become more productive. He feels that his company is responsible for protecting the society including those held in correctional facilities.

Today, Securus Technologies provides monitoring services to individuals and businesses to help them boost security in their homes and business premises. The company is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 2,450 correction agencies, public safety firms, and law enforcement agencies. In addition, Securus serves over 1 million inmates in North America.

When Mr. Smith was appointed the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, he knew that it was his responsibility to grow the company. Since his appointment, he has worked diligently to ensure the company creates better solutions and attract more clients. Before joining Securus in 2003, CEO Rick Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Incorporated. He was the president and chief operating officer of the telecommunication company. His leadership role at Eschelon helped him become a great CEO at Securus Technologies. Follow Rick’s profile at

Rick Smith is undoubtedly an excellent choice for Securus Technologies. He has the right amount of skill and knowledge required to lead the company to success. His experience in the technologies sector also enables Securus Technologies to come up with innovative solutions that can help improve the client’s safety. Also, Rick’s experience helps him provide motivation to his team and customers. While working at Securus, he has found ways to connect inmates with their friends and family members.


How Securus Technologies Help Police Nab a Fugitive

I am currently employed by our state’s fugitive task force division, and recently we had a top-level gang member escape from a maximum security prison to which I was assigned. This is a very dangerous individual, and every second he is free on the street puts everyone at risk. He has little regard for life and will do anything to stay out of jail.


The clock was ticking because within 24 hours, he could be in another country if we are not paying close enough attention. Hours after the escape, we already had a perimeter set up and we knew this convict was getting help from soldiers in the gang, we just didn’t know how. The first thing we did was set up checkpoints and carefully look in every car.


When we got a tip he was already held up in a house, we had to move fast. He was able to get out minutes before we arrived, and now we had a real issue on our hands because he could be anywhere. Only a few weeks early, Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication system, and i was trained on the LBS software and able to monitor his calls and chatter but didn’t pick up on the jailbreak.


What I discovered however was using the new software, the covert alert feature was instrumental in helping us to pinpoint the players in this game, and we narrowed down who could be helping the convict. Once it notified us of the key players, we had a team set up at a location to grab this inmate before he made the move to Mexico. Luckily for us, he was asleep in the house, getting ready to leave at sunrise when we surprised him.


The Securus Technologies was key in helping us put the pieces of this case together.