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The life and works of George Soros

An executive summary of the life and works of George Soros is one that speaks of triumphs one after another for a life that has been well lived. From the very humble beginning that was at the start marred with challenges, George Soros rose to the pick of success and established a name for himself as an excellent businessman and a philanthropist. His remarkable achievements saw him overcome hard challenges on his way up as a successful entrepreneur. Through his investments, he amassed great wealth and fortune which over the years he has used to help fund some of the charitable programs that he started. These acts of charitable giving have earned George Soros more recognition worldwide more that his businesses since they have gone on to impact largely on very noticeable social changes in the society.

He was born in 1930 in the then Nazi-occupied Hungary and together with his parents had to endure some of the worst persecutions that were being exerted on the Jews by the Nazi. By some luck, his family was able to escape these terrible persecutions that resulted in the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His parents evaded the terrible fate by forging identity papers and in their narrow escape continued assisting other Jews that were facing the same fate. Read more at Washington Times.

When finally the war ended, George Soros left for London to pursue a higher education at the London School of Economics. To help fund his education there, he took up odd jobs as a waiter in some clubs as a waiter and as a porter at one of the railway stations there. After finishing his studies, he left for the United States of America and ventured into the financial sector. A few years later he became an investor and rose to become a billionaire through his investments.

From his fortune as an investor George Soros begun Double Eagle a hedge fund in 1969 and from the success of this fund he started another fund, Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. During the inception of the Double Eagle Fund he had channeled $12 million, and as of 2011, the fund had grown to the tune of $25 billion.

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Through this fund, he began the Open Society Foundation and structured in to encompass other small foundations. Through which he supports projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. Through this Foundation, George Soros has been able to impact lots of change to the lives of millions of people across the globe. The foundation is geared towards helping people facing oppression be it being denied some of the basic human rights or freedom of expression. The foundation also champions for peoples’ right to have democratic governance in situations where there is a dictatorship. The foundation also helps support lawyers and paralegals who have dedicated their lives to assisting people facing such oppressions. Learn more about his profile at


Thor Halvorssen has Dictators in His Crosshairs:

Thor Halvorssen has no tolerance for dictators. As the head of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen and his small staff have taken it upon themselves to not only expose the crimes and abuses of these leaders, but try and help the people they oppress. HRF does not only do this with letter writing campaigns and media interviews. They also do it through direct action.

One of Halvorssen’s major targets has been North Korea under the iron-fisted control of Kim Jung-un. In a country where knowledge of the outside world is forbidden, Halvorssen and his allies have launched balloons across the border carrying DVDs, flashdrives, and pieces of information for its citizens. This has enraged Kim to the point he threatened to send assassins after Halvorssen during one of his visits to Seoul. He has also been beaten by Vietnamese authorities for interviewing a dissident under house arrest, yet still managed to get a recording of the interview out of the country. Another target for Thor is Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic considered one of the most oppressive countries in the world. He said a Washington-based ally of President Nursultan Nazarbayev threatened to sue the Human Rights Foundation if they did not stop its criticism of him. Watch Video Here .

Thor Halvorssen is half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan. He grew up in Caracas, where his father, a government official, was imprisoned for trying to expose government corruption. His mother was shot and wounded during a demonstration against the late president Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to serve as chief executive officer of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He formed HRF in 2004 and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009.

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A Lifetime of Successful Human Rights Campaigns

Thor Halvorssen is best known as a vocal human rights activist. He is a man of many hats, some of which include journalist, film producer, and active philanthropist. His writings, movie productions and charity efforts focus on bringing more attention to human rights issues around the world. Thor Halvorssen is the CEO and President of Human Rights Foundation, HRF. It is a global non-profit which he founded in 2005 in New York advocating for better human rights practices globally.

Through HRF, he is also the force behind the increasingly popular Oslo Freedom Forum based in New York. This is a global human rights platform hosted in Oslo every year since 2009 bringing together key public figures such as top human rights activists, business and political leaders from all corners of the world. Subsidiary events include the San Francisco Freedom Forum and the College Freedom Forum held in the US. It advocates better and transparent governance, human rights freedoms and world peace. It gives a voice to oppressed people to challenge those in power to effect positive change.

HRF has hosted other successful human rights based events around the world and has been active in countries such as China, Russia, Bolivia, Singapore and Ecuador among others. Hack North Korea in 2014 was a technology event that highlighted the importance of opening up the information sharing space in North Korea. HRF has also been involved in efforts to influence better membership choices at the UN Human Rights Council.

As a journalist, Thor Halvorssen contributes to popular media outlets such as Forbes, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, TIME and many others. Thor Halvorssen owns his film production company, Moving Picture Institute, which he founded in 2005. His notable productions include Freedom’s Fury, Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution and much more. The productions highlight human rights abuses across the globe such as the 1956 Hungarian revolt and prejudice on campus in the US.

Thor Halvorssen has spoken at various human rights forums and featured on media outlets across the world such as the BBC, CNN, Fox News and TEDx. He has previously worked for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, FIRE. for more.