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Equities First Holdings Providing Options for Investors

When it comes to having options for financing, investors that have the most are able to capitalize to the highest degree on their investments. It is absolutely imperative for individuals and banks alike to be on the lookout for additional opportunities. That is why investors everywhere are starting to become more excited to hear the words Equities First Holdings. And, for most all investors and opportunists, Equities First Holdings are also starting to attract equity-based investors like never before.

When you think about how you can invest, you have to have only a simple mindset in order. The point of making money is that you need to start with money as well. The money you need to invest initially could be from your own savings. However, you could also take the more opportunistic route and you could simply use an equity lender in order to gain capital quickly. By borrowing capital and having real money in place, you can simply invest with someone else’s money and you only have to pay a minimal amount back for the loan. The best thing is that your spread is still yours, and as long as you understand how to invest, then you could make out very well by making money off of the money of others.

Margin-based and stock-based loans are a tremendous way to get ahead for professionals who want to have an edge in the market. In addition, it is also a wonderful opportunity for those who may not have a strong nest egg and are looking for a way to get a strong start right off of the bat. The hardest part of getting your nest egg off of the ground is the first few steps which is exactly why you need to find the right place to start. As long as you are able to find the right partner, you should do quite well. For many investors, the answer is Equities First Holdings.

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Why Customers from Equities First Holdings Use Stocks To Secure Loans

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide loaning organization that offers various financing solutions to clients. For the last few years, majority of customers used to opt for traditional methods of getting loans as a way of raising extra capital. Nevertheless, the patterns have gradually changed as a result of sharpening economic challenges whereby the financial institutions have been making their borrowing conditions unbearable. Inability to meet all requirements for the conventional method for procuring loans has empowered the need to move to this choice where clients depend on stocks as their collateral to secure loans.

Another factor that has increased the number of customers seeking for stock-based loans is the increasing of the interest rates by banks. Also, high financing costs have made it to a great degree hard to gain such loans. In that capacity, most clients have considered utilizing stocks as an appropriate option. Al Christy Jr., the association’s CEO credits this sort of guarantee because of its various advantages.

Stock-based loans are useful particularly amid bad monetary atmospheres and fluctuating markets. Moreover, such a technique has a non-plan of action proviso that exempts customers from installments when the stock’s value deteriorates. The client gets the chance to keep the loan received without paying back whilst the firm retains their stock.

To get a margin loan, borrowers should be qualified and cash looked for ought to be utilized for particular purposes. Also loaning rates are not fixed and the ratio of loan-to-value fluctuates in the range of 10 to 50 percent. Also, the financial organization can review the security given without earlier notice.

However, stock-based loans come with a financing cost of 4% while the loan to value proportion differs in the vicinity of 50 and 75 percent. More critically, the cash acquired can be utilized for any reason and there are no confinements set on the loan. Borrowers are not obliged to pay on the off chance that the stock value depreciates. for more.


Nikhil, a British Millionaires’ Son who triggered the Foundation of Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a London-Based Charitable Foundation that is behind the success of many firms across the world that deals with carrying out research about neurodevelopment disorder among children. Autism attacks children at very early age by developing mischievous behavior. The organization raises donations supported by Sanjay Shah the president and the Co-Founder. Mr. Shah has appointed Pete and Will as new Board members in Autism Rocks. The two has closely been accustomed to the Mr. Shah since his education days and knows their professionalism better than any other person. Shah expects Will and Pete to bring the wealth of experience and insight to the Board.
Autism Rocks a request on invitation live concert and holds charity events that show and passes message regarding the importance of monitoring autism early in children by informing the community and the mission of conducting research that he calls for support through donations. Autism Rocks mission is behind upholding bright future for this children by identifying autism in advance.
Sanjay Shah trusted Pete and Will with the responsibility of managerial processes involved in the running and organizing of affairs, funds, and musical events and participate in decision making in regardless of Autism Rocks Mission by giving short and long-term reports. Mr. Pete has over 21 years of experience in the financial markets, especially in securities and bonds. Before Autism Rocks, Pete was Chief Operating Officer (COO) at a leading brokerage firm.
Shah is the President of Solo Capital and the owner of S.a.r.l. That chairs the Solo Holding Group, and he has many Firms across UK and Dubai that includes British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, and Malta. Before establishing Solo Capital, Solo worked as an accountant is such as Merrill and Lynch. He started to work at an entry-level position at ING & Dutch Bank as an analyst. Solo Capital Markets has GBP 30.26 Million of Cash flow with a total net amounting to 15.45 Million totaling to 47.71 Million across capital without including the value of assets.
Mr. Shah is generous Philanthropist, who had been helping needy and vulnerable children in Indian by sending a donation for over ten years through Plan International. The exercise was triggered by Shah’s son Nikhil who was diagnosed with Autism. At first, the family was not aware as the Child underwent treatment before being referred to Portland Hospital in Dubai where the family realized it was neurodevelopment disorder that Nikhil was suffering. Nikhil was supported to stay under therapy for five years, and the family sacrificed to live with him. Shah directed his attention on Autism Rocks and Music concerts that helped in reaching many people.


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