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The Five-Step process of Equities First ZA

The organisation Equities First Holdings has a branch based in the United Kingdom called Equities First ZA. Equities First Holdings operates across the globe through nine offices located in a multitude of different countries, including the Australia, China, United States of America and more.

Equities First ZA has done over 700 business transactions over the more than 15 years the company branch has been active. During this period the organisation has been specialising in exploring innovative alternatives how to aid business and various wealthy individuals who are seeking capital support for non-profit causes by lending them necessary resources. The large institution of Equities First ZA has been in their line of work more than a decade. Over the course of its operation, the company has been able to complete more than seven hundred transactions. One of the features of Equities First ZA is that the operate on the basis of Deal – By – Deal should the client require it.The company was created in order to provide straightforward transactions for their customers and to provide safety and ease of use.

The company of Equities First ZA has its process of operation consisting of five steps that are easy to follow. Once the client has gotten in contact with the business, they provide information on the amount of funding that they are in need of. They are also asked to provide the collateral proposal.The evaluation follows as a second step. After that, the client signs un agreement and also completed a transfer of the collateral sum. The client signs the Equities First Holdings Agreement. The second to last step is to accept the funding that the customer requires. The fifth step is the last one. Step number five includes the Equities First ZA returning the amount of the collateral which is done once the funding has been paid back. for more .


Equities First Provides Alternative Financing Option

Over the past decade, the financial and credit markets across the world have been very conservative. This is particularly true when it comes to providing unsecured loans to individual consumers and small businesses. While getting a personal loan may no longer be possible, there are still many forms of financing options through specialty finance companies.

One specialty finance firm to consider is Equities First. Equities First is a specialty finance firm that specializes in providing stock-secured loans to consumers and small businesses. The company is an industry leader in the field and has provided nearly $1 billion in loans over the past decade.

In order to qualify for a stock secured loan, a consumer must have a stock portfolio that they are able to provide as collateral to the loan. In many cases, Equities First will be able to provide a loan equal to almost 100% of the current market value of the stock. The lender will also take a lien and security interest in the stock portfolio. This will allow the company to liquidate the stock in the event the borrower is unable to repay the loan. Taking the stock portfolio as collateral provides the company with a good piece of collateral, which then allows the company to provide lower fees and interest rates compared to other debt options.

One situation when taking out a stock secured loan is ideal for a consumer is when they need liquidity but do not want to sell stock for either tax or investment strategy purposes. When selling a stock, all consumers will incur a tax event. Depending on how long they have owned the stock, the tax event could be significant and waiting to sell could make a lot of sense. Instead of paying the higher tax rate, the consumer will be able to take out a loan to access the liquidity in their stock fund. Other consumers may wish to hold onto the stock for investment strategy purposes if they believe that the stock will continue to appreciate in the future.

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George Soros Turning Extremely Bearish On Current Economy

If there is one thing you should know about George Soros, it is that he didn’t get rich overnight. George Soros was able to make his fortune in part because of intelligence and in part because of his timing. And, when you consider what he is doing with his money in the current economy, you should be considering what is potentially about to happen that is making him pull his wealth out and try to keep his head down for the immediate future. Any individual who is paying attention to what George Soros is doing should realize that this could be a time period where both intelligence and timing come into play. What you need to really think about is why he is doing it.

George Soros is an individual who fully understands the markets, but he understands how to make money. If you consider that he is currently pulling his wealth out of the top and most sure thing investments in order to protect himself, then it only means one thing. George Soros believes he can actually make more money and generate more wealth (or lose less) if he is able to pull his money out of investments and stay away from the markets.

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The Simple Reason George Soros Is So Bearish Today

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

When you think about the stock markets in general this is a very common idea. People invest as much as they can in order to create wealth and generate returns and dividends. However, the long run investors are the ones who are able to see the best profits and results. It is when people try to day trade or even just take smaller slices of trading time and make money instead of the long run strategy where excess volatility can happen. If you consider the internet crash of the late nineties or even the problems with the great recession, then it is fairly apparent to see how in just a few years the markets can go from extremely exotic to extremely chaotic. In fact, while you might think this is currently the perfect time to invest simply because of the pessimism surrounding the current economy, it could very well be that the global economy is preparing for one more major drop and that could come at any time. Learn more on Biography about George

At the end of the day the markets are only about one thing. When it comes to any sort of investments you are creating money, you are buying ownership in wealth generating assets. So, as long as you are able to buy the best assets and generate top income, then you could be in for a much better period of returns. However, if you pay attention to the warnings of George Soros then you could see there may just be a few major reasons to exit the markets.

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About Philip Diehl’s Take On The Elimination Of The US Penny

Philip Diehl is the President of the US Money Reserve, and recently, he made an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box program to give his views on the elimination of the United States penny from operation. Philip did not mince his words and said that the elimination was the right thing since the penny is overwhelmed by its own expense. Diehl was quick to mention that people do not use the penny anymore and if one is spotted picking it up on the streets, then that person must be heavily underpaid and probably belonging to the below minimum wage payroll class.

He also said that economists who are against the elimination citing reasons to support their argument as that it will distort prices and cause inflation as having used the same argument for more than 25 years. At a time when only 25% of the total transactions are cash based, no one will feel its absence since the remaining majority is done electronically. He also said that very small numbers of businesses would get affected by the elimination and noted that a very large number will most probably round off prices to avoid instances where they will be offering it as change.

Many critics argue that eliminating it is a shortsighted move because it costs more than 9 cents to make. The coin is made up of copper, and many see it as still being in a position where it can redeem itself by having its composition changed to make it more profitable. However, Philip does not subscribe to that school of thought saying that by it getting eliminated, it will be saving American taxpayers not less than $105 million per year.

Philip heads the United States Money Reserve which is one of the country’s largest and most respected private distributors of precious coins made of gold, platinum and silver that are specifically issued by the United States government. The company is relied upon by thousands of customers across the country to help them diversify their assets with physical precious metals in the form of US silver and gold coins.


The company also prides itself on having the most professional and uniquely trained team that includes customer care professionals as well as numismatic professionals that are highly equipped with high-level market knowledge that is very paramount in identifying products with the best profit margins. The company goes beyond industry standards to see to it that every customer is satisfied and that they are issued with the best value for their investment.


It’s Deja Vu All Over Again, Says George Soroos (Not Yogi Berra)

The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indices have just completed their worst first week of a calendar year since records have been kept. They fell 6.0% and 6.2%, respectively, in those first five days.(USA Today)

Under such conditions, panic is understandable. Hunagarian born, George Soros is now a well-known American billionaire, investor, and speculator. He is among those who is worried. “When I look at the financial markets,” Soroos told an economic forum in Sri Lanka on Thursday, “there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.” (BloomburgBusiness)

The 2008 crisis, of course, was the worst the global economy has suffered since the Great Depression of the 1930s. (It is generally referred to as the Great Recession.) Soroos is one of the 30 wealthiest men in the world. He has made a reputation for speculating in a prescient fashion about macroeconomic developments in the global economy. For example, “He is known as ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’ because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday currency crisis.” (Wikipedia)

But Soroos is not infallible. In fact, doomsday prophets are usually wrong.(InStreet) And there are a lot of differences between the current crisis and the Great Recession that started in 2008. That was primarily about, in the beginning anyway, a bubble in the housing market in the United States. Prices of houses in the US had been inflated by easy credit, subprime mortgages, and what turned out to be unreasonable optimism that those prices would go on increasing forever.

The origin of this crisis is China. Its stock market imploded so badly in the first week of 2016 that the Chinese government shut it down, twice. It is true that there are speculative bubbles and debt levels in the Chinese economy reminiscent of those in the housing market in the United States in 2008. “The general consensus, however, is that China can handle a debt crisis; state control of the economy is much greater and the government has trillions of dollars of reserves with which to rescue the banks if it needs to.”(Economist) Furthermore, the Chinese economy is not so central to the global economy as that of the US. And while the economic crisis of 2008 caught most people by surprise, this crisis has been anticipated, and “priced into” the market already. (Nasdaq) One indication of this is that both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indices were stagnant throughout 2015.

So, the terrible first week for the stock market in the United States in 2016 may be the start of a crisis like that of 2008, as George Soroos fears. But even billionaires find it difficult to make such economic forecasts.

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Madison Street Capital: A Finalist For The 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital has been recently announced as a finalist for the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards by the M&A Advisor. The new was originally published through, and this represents a really important step since these awards represents the highest level of achievement in the financial industry.
Madison Street Capital has been recently chosen for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year, which resulted in the Acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA, which represents an important transaction.
Charles Botchway, the company’s CEO, was honored to be awarded for his good work by other professionals as well. The winners will be welcomed at the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala, which will be held on November, 17 at the Athletic Club of New York. The M&A Advisor offers insight on activities related on acquisition and mergers. Since its foundation, the M&A Advisor has created a network of M&A, Finance and Turnaround and professionals.
About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital represents an international investment company that relies on excellence, leadership and integrity when it comes to delivering financial advisory services, acquisition expertise, and financial advice to all kinds of businesses companies.

The previously mentioned services are important for any client to have a desired success in the market place. As far as new projects are concerned, Madison Street Capital always keeps its clients’ need in mind, and its dedication and expertise represent one of the reasons it has earned the trust of many companies. Its team of highly skilled professionals knows what is best for the clients, and it is also important to speak to all of them in details, since their needs and priorities differ a lot. According to Madison Street Capital, emerging markets represent the main components in the clients’ global growth, so it is planning on focusing on these markets.
About The M&A Advisor
The M&A Advisor aim is to provide intelligence and insight on acquisition and mergers. It was founded in 1998, and since that period it has established some of the world’s most important organizations of M&A, Finance, and Turnaround professionals.
The M&A Advisor now represents one of the most important organizations that are aimed at recognizing and honoring various achievement of one of the most important companies in the world.

To conclude, this annunciation represents a huge step of Madison Street Capital, since the awards of the M&A Advisor represents the greatest achievement in this industry, so the company is very pleased to be one of the finalists at their annual organization.


Investing With US Money Reserve

People need to be able to save money. Saving money has many advantages. Someone who is able to save money is able to enjoy the chance to have a nest egg. Having a nest egg on hand allows the person to be able to have money on hand in the event of a problem such as an illness of some kind that may require the payment of bills. They may also need to have funds on hand in order to be able to have a pleasant retirement that allows to them relax and even do things they have always wanted to do such as travel.

A company that fully understands the way that savers view the world is that of US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s foremost purveyors of gold and silver government coins. They can provide people with the kind of help they need to decide where to place their savings. A saver needs an investment that is fully in tune with their specific willingness to balance risk and reward in order to help them meet their investment goals both in the short-term and in the much longer term as they wish to see their funds grow.

An investment of this kind can be highly useful for the investor who is going to rely on his savings as he nears retirement and wishes to make sure that his hard earned savings will always retain value. The company has many specialists who are happy to work closely with investors who need their skilled services. Investors will find staffers at US Money Reserve are specialists with many years of experience in this field as well as an understanding of the metal markets. Clients can work closely with them to help discover the kind of opportunity that exists for those who are seeking out such opportunities and needs the help of specific specialists with years of training.

Investing with the help of US Money Reserve is also a great way for any given investor to expand the boundaries of their portfolio and make sure that it is fully serving of all of their specific needs and aims well as any other additional aims such as reducing their tax bills as well as leaving a legacy for their kids or even creating a portfolio that can help them fund a favorite charitable cause after the person passes on.


The Financial Expertise of Brad Reifler

To be the best, a person must be willing to learn all they can about their chosen field. This is particularly true in business, where having the required knowledge is crucial to success. When it comes to knowing everything they can about their chosen field, nobody has worked harder to be the best and most knowledgeable financial professional than Brad Reifler. An entrepreneur and investor for more than 30 years, he has studied anything and everything he could in order to figure out new and exciting ways he could help his companies grow. Knowing it takes this and much more to get ahead of and stay ahead of the competition, Brad has always been willing to put in the time and effort needed to be number one.

As the founder and CEO of several companies including Reifler Trading Company and Pali Capital, Brad had spent many years perfecting his skills in order to give his employees and clients the best possible results. And for anyone who has ever worked with Brad can attest, his work ethic and outlook of life are second to none. A tireless worker who spends hours and hours each week pouring over the latest facts and figures, Brad knows this is the way to succeed in today’s highly-competitive business world. Never one to stand pat and rest on his achievements, Brad is always on the lookout for new challenges and ways to make his companies bigger and better than ever. It is this outlook that makes Brad one of the most trusted and respected financial consultants in the world today, which is why leading economic experts from around the globe seek his advice. As he continues his quest for doing the impossible, Brad will always be implementing his cutting-edge ideas to stay ahead of his competitors.