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The life and works of George Soros

An executive summary of the life and works of George Soros is one that speaks of triumphs one after another for a life that has been well lived. From the very humble beginning that was at the start marred with challenges, George Soros rose to the pick of success and established a name for himself as an excellent businessman and a philanthropist. His remarkable achievements saw him overcome hard challenges on his way up as a successful entrepreneur. Through his investments, he amassed great wealth and fortune which over the years he has used to help fund some of the charitable programs that he started. These acts of charitable giving have earned George Soros more recognition worldwide more that his businesses since they have gone on to impact largely on very noticeable social changes in the society.

He was born in 1930 in the then Nazi-occupied Hungary and together with his parents had to endure some of the worst persecutions that were being exerted on the Jews by the Nazi. By some luck, his family was able to escape these terrible persecutions that resulted in the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His parents evaded the terrible fate by forging identity papers and in their narrow escape continued assisting other Jews that were facing the same fate. Read more at Washington Times.

When finally the war ended, George Soros left for London to pursue a higher education at the London School of Economics. To help fund his education there, he took up odd jobs as a waiter in some clubs as a waiter and as a porter at one of the railway stations there. After finishing his studies, he left for the United States of America and ventured into the financial sector. A few years later he became an investor and rose to become a billionaire through his investments.

From his fortune as an investor George Soros begun Double Eagle a hedge fund in 1969 and from the success of this fund he started another fund, Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. During the inception of the Double Eagle Fund he had channeled $12 million, and as of 2011, the fund had grown to the tune of $25 billion.

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Through this fund, he began the Open Society Foundation and structured in to encompass other small foundations. Through which he supports projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. Through this Foundation, George Soros has been able to impact lots of change to the lives of millions of people across the globe. The foundation is geared towards helping people facing oppression be it being denied some of the basic human rights or freedom of expression. The foundation also champions for peoples’ right to have democratic governance in situations where there is a dictatorship. The foundation also helps support lawyers and paralegals who have dedicated their lives to assisting people facing such oppressions. Learn more about his profile at


Chimpanzees to Get Day in Court

The Guardian is reporting that a judge in New York has granted a petition to hear arguments that the rights of two chimpanzees are being violated. Hercules and Leo, the two chimpanzees, are medical research animals at Stony Brook University in New York. Resident of NY Ricardo Guimarães BMG (of is interested in hearing what verdict comes from the petitions.

The original order included the words “habeas corpus”, but Judge Barbara Jaffe removed the term from the order a day after issuing it. Under New York law, habeas corpus can apply only to “legal persons”, and the judge had no intention to recognize chimpanzees as persons. Attorneys for the Nonhuman Rights Project (NHRP), who brought the suit on behalf of the two chimpanzees, hailed the original order as a recognition of chimpanzees as persons.

The modified order will allow NHRP to argue that the chimpanzees are being illegally imprisoned and is the first time that a show cause order has been issued on the part of animals.

NHRP argues that chimpanzees are self-aware and intelligent and deserve some basic rights against cruel treatment and illegal confinement. They expect attorneys for Stony Brook to argue that chimpanzees are things and should not be accorded human rights. In one previous court decision, the court said that chimpanzees are not legally accountable for their actions and do not participate in society.


American 40 Hour Work Week Atypical

Although technology was supposed to reduce the American work week, there has been an actual increase in working hours with more Americans working upwards to 60 hours a week. Blaming technology alone would be easy, but according to the Amen Clinics it is not the only reason. It is true that more Americans now deal with tasks that traditionally were relegated to technicians. For example, more workers perform their own basic computer troubleshooting. 

Additionally, email and other forms of electronic communication are big villains in regards to more work rather than less. After all, people spend more time communicating in writing or via video than they did in previous decades when slower forms of communication meant more people taking the time to communicate more efficiently. For example, some people carry out entire discussions via email rather than by using a much faster mode such as calling one another. And how people respond to chat is also to blame. A quick phone call can take minutes over chat even though instant messaging was designed to make conversations faster.

But, technology, as pointed out by Gizmodo this week, is not the only reason Americans are still working 40 plus hours a week. There are simply no laws protecting American workers to the same degree that workers in countries that have smaller work weeks are protected. In other countries, workers often have longer work days but with fewer days in a work week and more breaks and vacation time.


Fort Lauderdale arrested teen turns Samaritan

A Bullseye View caught Dave and Brit Morin at the scene when a handcuffed 17-year old teenager earned the title, ‘hero’ when he sprang to action to save a Fort Lauderdale police officer. His quick response saved the officer’s life after he collapsed. The circumstances surrounding the teen’s arrest fades in the presence of his life saving act. The public has hope that the teen’s criminal activity will cease with his newfound identity. The teen is far more respected for his good deed than his criminal activity. In fact, Jamal Rutledge, like other teens, would benefit as a volunteer for a community organization. Young volunteers will vouch that community service builds character and confidence, which are two of the most important characteristics in young adults.
The police officer may in the end, be the greatest hero because a young teen has experience a new feeling-the feeling of self-worth.
Readers would like to know how Jamal Rutledge has progressed, from a life of a wayward teen to that of a responsible and compassionate individual, who we hope at the end of the year, has become an asset to his community.


Lesbian Couple Gets Married In Russia Despite Ban

A wedding between two young ladies in St. Petersburg has generated some major outrage in the Russian Federation. The dictator-like Putin and his minions have recently passed a series of anti-gay laws that has made Russia an increasingly homophobic nation. Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova tied the knot in an official wedding ceremony. Both brides wore traditional white dresses and carried floral decorations before sharing vows and signing some official paperwork. However, there is a slight twist to this controversial “unholy” matrimony. Irina was born a male and she’s been living as a transexual for most of her adulthood. By Russian law, she is still considered a guy and therefore it’s perfectly legal for her to marry another woman. Nevertheless, Irina plans on undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and make the full transformation to be legally recognized as female.

In 2014, an LGBT magazine, with a spread photographed by Terry Richardson, named the homophobic Putin as “person of the year” by adding a small touch of satire. Local politician Vitaly Milonov harshly condemned this wedding and has claimed that the two ladies are insulting millions of traditional Russian families. This is the type of attitude that is prevalent in the Russian parliament and even on the streets. There is a feeling that gay people somehow threaten the existence of traditional family values in Russia. That seems quite ironic for a country that has one of the highest divorce rates among heterosexual couples.


Police Officer Charged With Stealing Nude Photos From Suspects Phone

A police officer in California was recently charged for stealing nude photos of a DUI suspect from her iPhone and sending it to the phones of other police officers, as well as his own. Officer Sean Harrington pulled over a driver on suspicion of DUI and while she was in custody; she gave him her passcode to her iPhone. Officer Steals Nude Photos From Suspect. It was only after using her iPad that she noticed that nude photos had been sent from her iPhone it to another phone. Further investigations found that the phone receiving the nude photos was that of Officer Sean Harrington.

The DUI suspect reported the incident to authorities who then investigated. It was further discovered that Officer Sean Harrington had also forwarded new pictures to other officers. Officer Harrington admitted that this was not the first victim that he had done this too.  Officer Harrington had text another officer the nude photos with the statement, “her body is rocking.”

With the current findings, Sam Tabar figures that Officer Harrington’s career has become a rocky one, and he resigned under the pressure. The two officers whom he sent the nude photos to, have yet to be charged with a crime.


Angry Young Men, Feminism, and Video Game Journalism

Let me sum up “gamergate” for you real quick. There is this woman named Zoe Quinn who makes video games. Her ex-boyfriend made this big blog post about how she cheated on him with five different guys in a 6-month period. Some of these guys are video game journalists.

Madness ensued. Hackers posted Zoe Quinn’s personal information, called her house and issued rape and death threats to her. When feminist critics jumped to her defense, they too were threatened.

People who are part of the “gamergate” movement claim that they are outraged about the fact that some journalists might be saying that a video game is good just because they had sex with a developer. After much review, I honestly believe many of these people truly are stunned and angry at this “revelation”. What blows my mind is that people do not get this upset or organized over government corruption or world hunger. But the idea that they might be deceived into buying a mediocre $50 video game is cause for a “movement”.

The sociopathic hacker element of gamergate comes from, in my opinion, disenfranchised young males. When a young man sees a woman make a youtube video about video games that gets a lot of hits, they will often resend it.

I honestly believe that this is the source of the rage that these hackers feel. They are young and sheltered. They are just getting a peek at how the real world works and they are lashing out. Where this all will lead remains to be seen.


Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage

On Monday, the Supreme Court brought the most sweeping decision regarding same-sex marriage yet, by simply allowing a number of lower court rulings to stand.

These lower-court rulings will legalize same-sex marriage in 11 more states, including Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming. Some of these are as a result of Federal Appeals Court decisions, while the others are due to appellate court decisions regarding the banning of such marriages. This Duke Chronicle article by Jared Haftel written a few years ago nailed it. This was always a very real possibility.

Many other appeals courts are now deciding on the matter in a number of other states, and the amount of states that allow same-sex marriage could easily rise up to well pass 30. While the Supreme Court might get involved in future cases, the circumstances of its latest decisions make that unlikely.

The recent change in court behavior is likely due to a change in not only the political landscape of the United States, but also the cultural landscape.  As a result, states which used to have the power to rule and govern on such powers increasingly no longer have the ability.

Among those celebrating is Carol Schall, who acted as one of the plaintiffs in the Virginia case when she was barred from marrying her partner, Mary Townley: “My office mates heard a gasp from my office…only to see me in a puddle of tears”. No doubt that thousands more are feeling the exact same way.