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Eli Gershkovitch Provides Access To Some Of The Best Canadian Crafted Beer

There are tons of Canadian crafted beer choices to choose from. It is the leading alcoholic drink in Canada, with over $9 billion in annual revenue. A few flavors of Canadian crafted beers are listed below.

All or Nothing Hopfenweisse

This crafted Canadian beer contains 5.1 percent alcohol by volume. It is a light tasting wheat beer. It has a golden color with a foamy, sparkling consistency. ItĀ smells of banana and bubblegum. There are also hints of tropical fruits and a small amount of citrus. It consists of Hefeweizen and west-coast Pale Ale flavors. Many wheat beers have high levels of sugar but All or Nothing is made without sugars. It is made to be bold and refreshing at the same time.


Ambear Red Ale

Ambear Red Ale is a well known, most-awarded beer option. It is a complex beer composed of citrus flavors and aromatic American hops. It starts out smooth and ends with a smoother finish. The Cameron’s Ambear Ale is paired best with spicy food, red meat, and fish.


Headstock IPA

This beer is made of vital acids and essential oils. It contains tropical fruit, pine and citrus flavors.


About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and chief executive officer of Steamworks Brewery. He created the company in 1995. Before starting his own business, Eli Gershkovitch attended law school and graduated with a law degree. He also took art classes that brought better opportunities for him. Eli Gershkovitch took a trip to Germany and tasted Belgian beer for the first time. The experience opened his eyes and sparked a interest in Canadian beer, leading to the formation of the Steamworks brewing company.


Under the direction of Eli Gershkovitch, the Steamworks company has increased its sales by 50 percent. Because of the extensive amount of products and creativity, they have been put on the global map. In addition to entrepreneurship, Gershkovitch is a licensed pilot. He obtained his wings in 2009 and flew to Europe and back. As a result of the leadership provided by Gershkovitch, Steamworks Brewery is on the right track for continued long-term success.

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