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The life and works of George Soros

An executive summary of the life and works of George Soros is one that speaks of triumphs one after another for a life that has been well lived. From the very humble beginning that was at the start marred with challenges, George Soros rose to the pick of success and established a name for himself as an excellent businessman and a philanthropist. His remarkable achievements saw him overcome hard challenges on his way up as a successful entrepreneur. Through his investments, he amassed great wealth and fortune which over the years he has used to help fund some of the charitable programs that he started. These acts of charitable giving have earned George Soros more recognition worldwide more that his businesses since they have gone on to impact largely on very noticeable social changes in the society.

He was born in 1930 in the then Nazi-occupied Hungary and together with his parents had to endure some of the worst persecutions that were being exerted on the Jews by the Nazi. By some luck, his family was able to escape these terrible persecutions that resulted in the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His parents evaded the terrible fate by forging identity papers and in their narrow escape continued assisting other Jews that were facing the same fate. Read more at Washington Times.

When finally the war ended, George Soros left for London to pursue a higher education at the London School of Economics. To help fund his education there, he took up odd jobs as a waiter in some clubs as a waiter and as a porter at one of the railway stations there. After finishing his studies, he left for the United States of America and ventured into the financial sector. A few years later he became an investor and rose to become a billionaire through his investments.

From his fortune as an investor George Soros begun Double Eagle a hedge fund in 1969 and from the success of this fund he started another fund, Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. During the inception of the Double Eagle Fund he had channeled $12 million, and as of 2011, the fund had grown to the tune of $25 billion.

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Through this fund, he began the Open Society Foundation and structured in to encompass other small foundations. Through which he supports projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. Through this Foundation, George Soros has been able to impact lots of change to the lives of millions of people across the globe. The foundation is geared towards helping people facing oppression be it being denied some of the basic human rights or freedom of expression. The foundation also champions for peoples’ right to have democratic governance in situations where there is a dictatorship. The foundation also helps support lawyers and paralegals who have dedicated their lives to assisting people facing such oppressions. Learn more about his profile at


EOS Coconut Milk Smells Great

EOS lip products are a wonderful balm of color and flavor. Created by Sanjiv Mehra an his co-founder to be the lip balm product that everyone buys,it has been made popular with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift. Which is great, but why do I like the EOS? I love it because it’s fun and smells great. It even keeps my lips smooth. More exclusive stories here on


I started using EOS the first time I saw them at Walmart. The flavor that I first tried was Sweet Mint, but there were others that followed. I loved each one of them. Although a couple didn’t hit me right. Those are far and few between though. Practically all of the flavors have made me really happy.


Maybe it was the celebrity hype at first. I’m not really sure, but I know they made my lips smoother and they tasted great. That’s an important thing for most girls. Some guys probably feel the same way. Visit this site for more information,


One of the things that I really liked about the product is the shape. The way it’s so easy to twist the cap off and smooth it over my lips is one of the easiest coverages that I’ve seen yet in lip balms, useful content here.


Contrary to popular complaints, EOS never used any alcohol in their products. That means that they won’t dry your lips out like other well known lip balms. Maybe they were the originator of the argument against EOS. No matter what though, EOS has always had me as a fan. I will always love the little balls of flavor and softening ingredients for my lips.


One of my favorite flavors is the Coconut Milk flavor. It’s a tropical flavor that has coconut and vanilla in it. I’ve never figured out the other ingredients, but it’s alright to not be sure. It works and smells great.


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5 EOS Lip Balms You Need In Your Makeup Bag


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Stick

This balm is the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors that will make you think you’re sipping a fruity smoothie! Its sleek stick format makes it easy to slip into your bag, pocket, pencil pouch, or locker.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew Smooth Sphere

Want a balm no one else will have? This one’s unique flavor is sweet, floral, and downright delicious. Swipe some on for a kiss of summery flavors and instant moisture.


  1. Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere

Get crazy soft lips in an instant with this extra moisturizing balm. One swipe and your pout will be nourished and smelling of subtly sweet vanilla and refreshing mint, buy here at


  1. Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere

Add a pop of pretty color to your makeup bag or dressing table with this balm. Its girly pink packaging is so cute and the tasty flavor will remind you of your favorite summertime treat, see more.


  1. Pearl Shimmer Smooth Sphere

No makeup bag is complete without a hint of glam! Give your lips the kiss of moisture they need AND get some pretty shimmer with this balm perfect for a special occasion.


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Love soft lips but don’t like putting weird chemicals on your body? EOS lip balms have you covered. EOS uses 100 percent natural, 95 percent organic ingredients to ensure your kisser is nourished without adding any bad-for-you stuff. With natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, fun packaging, and delicious flavors, you’ll be addicted to these balms in no time!

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White Shark Media Customer Service Reviews

White Shark Media is one of the finest media and website creation companies in the world. They have worked on SEO projects and websites for many lovely companies, and they have ensured the success and popularity of their clients for some time. This article explains how clients are leaving comments and praise for the company. There is a look at how their blog is used to interact with he public, and it shows that all clients are pleased to be in business with White Shark.

#1: The Blog

The blog that they keep is a place where customers may leave feedback and read the news. Someone who wants to learn about the company may come by the site at any time, and someone who wishes to ask questions of the company may do so through the site. The site has been built on many years of work in SEO and website building, and the blog is a place where instant answers are found for most clients.

#2: Customer Contact

White Shark is quite serious about customer contact, and they want to have their customers reach out to them whenever they need. Someone who is searching for a better way to purchase a particular service may ask White Shark for help, and they hold update calls with customers often. They are willing to work in any sort of communication that is needed from the customer, and they will ensure that the customer has been given more than enough help.

#3: Proven Results

White Shark Media has been shown to do quite a lot of work that produces fine results. They are a strong company that has spent years building the best solutions for each client. They may websites that work for all clients, and they build something beautiful that their clients can be proud of.

White Shark Media has been praised many times for the work they do, and their praise comes to their website often. They have a blog where they share news and information, and they are willing to answer questions from clients who want to know more about their company.



Passion and a Hint of Mint

Evolution of Smooth (EOS), a producer of lip balms, has risen quickly in popularity over the seven years they have been in business. In Elizabeth Segran’s article entitled “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,” she describes the unique qualities of EOS lip balm. She states that the company wanted the lip balm to “engage all five senses, from soft round packaging that felt good in the hands, to the colors of the orbs, to the smells, to the way the flavors tasted, and even to the clicking sound the sphere makes when it closes.” With women as their target buyers, EOS produces several different flavors of lip balm including Passion Fruit and Sweet Mint.



to browse more products.


According to the EOS company website, 95% of the balm is organic and 100% of it is natural. The passion fruit balm is found in a light purple container and has coconut oil, shea butter, and passion flower extract among other ingredients. Sweet mint contains peppermint oil, giving it the subtle minty flavor. It is housed in a light turquoise container. Check EOS’ page for more news.


All EOS balms are gluten, paraben, petrolatum, and phthalate-free. EOS advertises that their lip balms have “antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, [that] keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth” ( The EOS lips balms go on the lips clear and aids in keeping them hydrated.


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Classdojo is a Communication Device, a Behavior Intervention Plan, and a Reward System

As modern people we are all aware of the importance technology plays in our everyday lives. Our societies are growing and evolving with the help of technology. This also included the utilization of technology in the classroom environment. There has been quite a positive growth for students, faculty, and parents due to a new technological device called Classdojo. Classdojo is a communication device that has recently become popular in school systems. Classdojo simplifies the process of collaboration between parents and teachers allowing a more holistic method to monitoring success and areas in need of growth for students.

Each student has his or her own individual character. The application has a generic example of behaviors teachers can use, or teachers can create their own list of behaviors to monitor in the classroom. This is an easier way to monitor classroom behavior than tallying classroom behaviors on the board. Monitoring student behaviors is as easy as clicking a button using Classdojo. Classdojo can also be accessed at home allowing interested parents easy access to progress or areas of concern. Additionally, the program is an easy prompt for parent conversations with their children. There is a messenger option for parents in need of quick contact with teachers. This is a faster and easier option than calling the main office of a school. Classdojo is an easy and quick open line of communication for teachers and parents.

Furthermore, Classdojo is a way of decreasing student concerns about behaviors and grades. It also serves as a reward system rewarding students for appropriate behavior and growth.

Classdojo has proven to be a great system benefitting all individuals involved in education: parents, teachers, and students. The utilization of this technological system in the classroom is an example of the evolutionary growth technology stimulates in modern society.


The Perfect Little Lip Balm Pod For Your Pocket

EOS stands for evolution of smooth, and for a good reason. You may have seen the photos of some of your favorite celebrities such as Fergie and Camila Cabello using EOS lip balm and wondered what all the fuss was about; EOS is a soft lip balm that comes in a sphere shaped container, and true to its name it will leave your lips incredibly smooth, soft and dare I say it, completely kissable!

With so many amazing flavors it is hard to choose just one EOS lip balm to carry with you. If you like subtle flavor, EOS Visibly Soft Coconut Milk lip balm has a hint of flavor mixed into a perfect combination of rich, natural, nourishing oils for your delicate lip skin. Colorless, free from mineral oil and phthalates, it only offers you the good stuff, like shea butter and avocado extract, so you can be sure you’re treating your lips in a safe way.

If you prefer a bolder flavor to your lip balms, EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15 offers a kick of luscious, lemony flavor and antioxidants for your lips. It will be hard to keep from licking your lips when you wear this one! If tasting good and moisturizing your lips weren’t enough, your lips will also be protected from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays so you can play and work in the sun. Buy your products here at

Maybe you are more of a Vanilla Mint person. EOS has that too. It is a delightful, long lasting flavor and comes in an adorable blue pod. Check this site for more stories,

EOS lip balm has been around since 2006 and their popularity has quickly and steadily grown since then. Their offering of many different delicious flavors and formulas make these natural lip balms a staple for any person’s pocket. So what’s your flavor, shop now!





An Overview Of Amicus Therapeutics And The Products They Develop

Amicus Therapeutics is a multinational biotechnology firm that has its corporate headquarters located in the town of Cranberry, New Jersey in the United States. Its official name is Amicus Therapeutics Incorporated and it is found on 1 Cedar Brook Drive, Cranberry, New Jersey, 08512 USA. Amicus Therapeutics has a strong international presence in Europe. It has office and research and development facilities in Munich, Germany, Madrid, Spain, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Milan, Italy, and Le Defense, France. The international headquarters of Amicus Therapeutics is found in Buckinghamshire, England.

Amicus Therapeutics specializes in the research, development and production of new medicines for the treatment of rare diseases as well as orphan diseases. Rare and orphan diseases are diseases that are considered to be uncommon and affect a small amount of the population. Amicus Therapetutics is taking the lead in studying how new drugs can provide relief to some of the symptoms of those afflicted with rare disorders.

One of the ways that Amicus Therapeutics is leading the way for curing uncommon and orphan diseases is by creating a personalized approach to medical treatment. One of its drugs called Migalastat, which is in the late development stage uses a person’s unique genetic makeup to help cure Fabry disease. Another drug currently in development by Amicus Therapeutics is called SD-101. If approved and deemed effective, it will be the first drug available on the market to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa, which is a very rare genetic connective tissue disease.

Other biotechnology developments and products developed by Amicus includes the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy system. This process and technology helps researchers study and develop cures for rare disorders such as Pompe disease and Fabry disease. The Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy created by Amicus Therapeutics is also helping pave the way for new developments in enzyme replacement therapy products which can result in new drugs for lysosomal storage disorders.

Amicus Therapeutics is led by John F. Crowley who serves as the board chairman and chief executive officer. Mr. Bradley L. Campbell serves as the president of the firm and also acts as its chief operating officer. The chief financial officer at Amicus is Chip Baird.


The Kabbalah Center and Its Quest to Offering Healing and Religious Services to Followers

The Kabbalah Center is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic courses on Zohar to various study groups across the world. Developed by Philip Berg in 1965, the organization has amassed a large following across various disciplines. The institution strives at eradicating chaos and providing followers with wisdom and tools necessary to improve their lives.

The center is currently staffed by 1000 employees in 50 regions worldwide. Information is disseminated through downloads, DVDs, books, and lectures. The mantle of leadership was previously held by Rav Yehuda Ashlag since its inception in 1922. Zohar simply decodes universal mysteries described within the Bible. More importantly, students get to exchange ideas and develop good relationships with their peers. Read Kabbalah Center News Here.

Specific Teachings of the Kabbalah

In addition, tutors adopt practical methods in educating scholars while not emphasizing on Hebrew knowledge. Alternatively, the center offers specific guidelines pertaining to astrology, light, sex, and Klippot. Such disciplines are aimed at providing a precise guideline for followers in their day to day activities. High profile personalities have enrolled into the teachings as a testament of its profound popularity.

Kabbalah conducts numerous community projects aimed at enhancing perceptions of students on various subjects. Furthermore, learners form a strong bond that strengthens all aspects of professional interactions. This form of religious education does not consider itself as a substitute, but rather a supplement to practiced religions. Students are at liberty to approach mentors and seek advice on sensitive matters affecting their lives. As such, a mentor’s guidance is crucial in promoting a healthy state of body and mind.

Berg credits his wife, Karen, and their two children, Michael and Yehuda as great sources of motivation in his life. Furthermore, their presence has significantly contributed to the growth of the Center. For instance, they played a vital role in setting up several community outreach programs such as feeding the homeless and raising awareness on religious matters. On the other hand, a competent team works round the clock to execute duties set by the Center. Click Here for More.

The Kabbalah Center sheds light on Judaism and future prospects aimed at attracting more clients. More importantly, followers are dressed in white turbans and yarmulkes as an official dress code. Passersby are free to approach any follower and obtain relevant information about the Center. for more.


The Purpose of End Citizens United

Funded by grassroots donations, End Citizens United is an organization that was formed in response to the 2010 court mandated decision that would allow private interest groups to be considered as “people” which has led to a lot of issues. This permission allows large private interest groups to donate large sums of money to political races of their choosing in order to tip the scale in the interest of that group’s favor. That case, which was passed back as long ago as 2010, was named Citizens United vs. F.E.C and it not only allows large, private interest groups to donate countless millions to the political party of their choosing under the guise of “corporations are people” but the money donated can be limitless amounts and the amount being donated cannot be traced. In essence, this means that politicians and political decisions can be bought.


This company was formed in 2015 on March, 1st. The purpose of this organization is to prevent the abuse of wealth that large corporations with ulterior motives might exhibit and to put an end to these plans before they take shape and change the direction that a campaign may go. They are 100% financed by grassroot donations, which means they do not accept donations from large corporations with the wrong intentions. Not only is End Citizens United aiming to prevent political bias born from contributions made by large corporations, but they also show support for those pro-reform candidates hoping to get elected. They are trying to spread awareness of abuse with money by keeping the issue of money in politics from being pushed to the back burner or “swept under the rug” so to speak.


As of today, since End Citizens United first began in 2015, the organization has collected millions but have only recently seen gains reaching a rapid amount in a short time. Just the first three months of this year they received $4 million in donations and are projected to make just about $35 million or so before the 2018 elections for congress begin. This would be quite the improvement in their raising of funds, compared to the $25 million they had raised for the 2016 election. Considered a political action committee (PAC), End Citizens United has received over 100,000 people’s contributions to their cause during only the first quarter of this year, 40,000 of which gave donations to the group for the very first time.


The average contribution this year, according to Muller, was around $12 USD. Those who involve themselves with this PAC have similar things to say about just why they donate. Many of its members feel like with other political groups, the bias leans towards giving the biggest bidders the most say, so this is their way of fighting back.