LimeCrime Drops “Scandal,” the Latest in its Velvetine Line

Lime Crime made big news this week as it announced a brand new product added to its line of Velvetine lipsticks. The latest shade, called “Scandal,” recently dropped and has already been making major waves with Lime Crime fans on social media and beyond.

Lime Crime is known for its fan base that almost feels like a mini cult. People are truly obsessed with Lime Crime and all that it stands for. Scandal is the latest shade to drop and it is another gem in the Velvetine collection. Scandal is a deep, rich purple and like all of Lime Crime’s Velvetine lipsticks, it goes on liquid and then turns into a very rich matte. The matte of Lime Crime is known to last for a full day and who wouldn’t want to rock the deep purple look of Scandal for a full day?

Lime Crime is a completely vegan product and is never tested on animals.

Lime Crime was founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere. Doe first came to this country from Russia at an early age when she wanted to have a career in fashion. Doe was always passionate about expressing herself, especially through the power of makeup. In the 1990s the “nude” look was popular and women were obsessed with using very minimal makeup or makeup that made it look lik ethey were wearing nothing at all. Doe was never into that style and for her, her skin was a canvas to express herself.

She founded Lime Crime as an online business to sell high quality, highly colorful makeup to women who felt the way she did about expressing themselves through makeup. She never expected the business to become as huge of a success as it has. However, women everywhere flocked to Lime Crime as they felt exactly the same about the brightly colored lipsticks.

The Lime Crime fan base continued to grow and grow and it is now one of the world’s largest “niche” makeup brands. The people who buy Lime Crime are incredibly dedicated to the brand, and they celebrate each new product launch, like Scandal, with major passion.

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