The Top 4 Reasons to Grab Your EOS Crystal Before it Sells Out

EOS just made a fabulous announcement that has beauty bloggers everywhere abuzz. For the first time since the rollout of its Active Protection line, a new line of luxurious EOS lip balms is rolling out and consumers everywhere are rushing to stores to pick up one of the incredible new flavors, Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid. Read more wonderful stories here on

These gorgeous new EOS Crystal products are available now! Here are four reasons why you need to grab yours before you are in the line to place a back order.

First, let’s talk about the flavors themselves. Vanilla Orchid is soft and oh so feminine, refer also to As with most EOS flavors, it exquisitely combines the two flavors in perfect harmony. The Vanilla is rich and creamy and the Orchid gives a perfect taste to a plant that we have all only just had the pleasure to smell. EOS is as we know, known for its ability to delight all five senses with just one product.

Second, EOS has totally upgraded its original design. EOS Crystal will not be a perfect ball shape and will come with a slight tip that can be applied with more ease and precision than past products. While people love their EOS, the new shape of EOS Crystal is certainly a fun new upgrade.

Third, let’s talk about the fact that for the first time in EOS history the balms will be absolutely crystal clear – hence the name “Crystal.” They will go on incredibly smooth and soft, as always, but will be totally clear allowing for no change in color over lipsticks or beneath additional glosses. They are crystal clear due to the fact that EOS Crystal contains 0% wax, meaning they are 100% vegan friendly, great news for vegans everywhere.

And finally, every EOS Crystal will contain five carefully chosen essential oils, read more info. In a time when many beauty bloggers are preaching the power of oils and all natural supplements, EOS has not fallen behind the curve.

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