Talk Fusion Opens “Univeristy” for Associates

Talk Fusion is taking associates back to school with an educational series from founder and CEO Bob Reina.


Talk Fusion University will provide the company’s associates with a virtual hub where they can access Reina’s wealth of experience on direct selling, marketing, networking, and all the minutia of the video marketing industry. While Reina hopes this endeavor will help associates not just perform better in their individual roles within the company but also work as a unit towards a shared goal of success. That will only be possible with such diverse individuals understanding how to collaborate in a way that compliments their strengths.


Reina’s built up audiences both in the world of business though his company and through his pieces on marketing for outlets like MarTech Advisor and HuffPost. There he’s been able to share insights on marketing and successful work ethic but not to such a degree where it serves as actual instruction. Talk Fusion University looks to list the many steps associates will take on their journey to achieving success within the company and getting the products and services to the clients that need them most.


Reina also expressed frustration with an industry of untested experts who offer up instructional materials that do little to clarify marketing to potential entrepreneurs. The difference with Talk Fusion Univer4sity is that Reina’s methods have been tested in the real world and have been shown to be effective in building up a company. And in a testament to its effectiveness, Reina is offering this series to associates for free.


Reina took this approach in hopes that he could reach those associates within the company who have been struggling to work within the industry, whether alone or as a group. Talk Fusion University will provide those individuals with the opportunity to increase their earning potential and help them develop the skills needed to grow within the company.


About Talk Fusion:


Bob Reina founded Talk fusion in 2007. Since then he has continued to serve as CEO, helping the company achieve its reputation as a provider of solutions to video marketing. With an understanding of today’s dynamic approach to recruitment and partnerships, Talk Fusion has maintained loyalty for customers who enjoy their engaging approach to business.


Talk Fusion has a presence in over 140 countries through their many associates, proving the company with a global presence that has an understanding of the disparate marketing needs of disparate industries. Learn more:


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