Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Queen

Fabletics is an online subscription store that specializes in women’ sportswear and accessories known as athleisure. Fabletics is known for its e-commerce stores that have over 20 flagships. The brand offers women of all sizes personalized outfits that go together with their fashion preference and style


The company under Kate Hudson has gained much press exposure for their advertisement ways. According to Forbes magazine, Fabletics has increased revenues every year with a valuation close to $250 million dollars within its first three years of operation. The company has used pop up shops and crowd marketing to increase its sales globally. Fabletics is also strategically located to reach to its target market.


Consumers these days are usually determined by the power of the crowd. Clients look at crowd-sourced reviews to determine their purchase decisions as well as a personal recommendation from the previous user of the products. Some companies are capitalizing on this principle like Fabletics. Fabletics growth has been leveraged on the prominent reviews by their customers. Customer’s reviews are essential to gain customer loyalty and customer retention across the board, Huffington Post said.


Consumers today are digitally surveyed and rely heavily on reviews of a product or service, as this is the number one factor considered before any decision is made. People often research before they purchase and go through all reviews to determine their purchase what is known as crowdsourcing.


In about a period of four years, Fabletics has more than 20 million followers on social media and over 18 million stores worldwide. Their customers enjoy up to 50 percent discounts on their apparel purchases. Kate attributes her success to offering personalized services and trendy fashion at almost half price of their competitors.


Fabletics athleisure apparel or casual wear that is worn in the gym and around town is a popular trend. Much of the company’s sales are driven by the millennials who have a more relaxed and health-conscious style when it comes to their dressing even at the workplace.


Fabletics also benefits from having Techstyle Fashion Group as its fashion parent. Techstyle is associated with the big name brands in the industry and various events and fashion activities all over the world.Kate Hudson’s drive to create a unique and fashionable brand has been an inspiring journey and has learned a host of lessons along the way to help develop her brand.


The brand also advises their potential clients take a fit quiz and receive outfits and shop for the best looks that you will love. Fabletics membership fee is like a subscription where its members send an email at the start of the month showing the latest looks and have a few days to decide whether they will shop or not. Their clients complete a fitness quiz regarding their lifestyles and their preferred outfits.


Kate Hudson is active in the day today activities of the company. She represents the brand because she is approachable and does not take herself too seriously and has an active lifestyle. Kate is involved in the design process and works hand in hand with the team for a fresh look.

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