All About the New EOS Lip Balm

Finding an affordable but quality lip balm is hard. All too often, they do not moisturize as well as needed, leaving lips dry, or even worse, irritated. The creator of EOS lip balm specifically created product that hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved, so that anyone can use it. Additionally, they wanted this product to be available for anyone as well, ensuring that it is affordable and accessible at most drug stores.

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The lip balm part of the brand has 7 different lines; the Original, Crystal, Shimmer, Medicated, Active, Visibly Soft, and Organic. Each line has their own flavors, ranging from fruity, to mint, to sweet, to minty, to fresh. Because these balms are designed to benefit everyone, sensitive skin or not, it can be hard picking a favorite as each has their own special qualities. The following are some of the unique qualities for each of the lines. All these great flavors are now available here on

The Original flavor speaks for itself; it utilizes all the ingredients that people first fell in love with. This line also has the widest range of individual flavors. The Shimmer is similar to the Original, except this balm has a slight sparkle to it, giving lips a bit of a glamor look. The Active line is perfect for on-the-go outside activities. It has SPF to help against the sun’s powerful and damaging UV rays. Organic is actually very similar to the Original line, other than utilizing organic ingredients, click this site. Visibly Soft and Medicated are also similar; both leave the lips more supple and soft than the other lines, making it ideal for dryer lips. The only difference between these two lines is that Medicated has medicinal properties that help to revitalize the lips, ideal for irritated lips. The main purpose of Visibly Soft is to keep lips soft and hydrated. The last line is actually also the newest: Chrystal. This line is gluten-free and wax-free, with the actual balm being clear. It helps give lips the more “natural” look.

Understanding the differences between the flavors is important because then you can pick the one that works the best for you.

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