The Purpose of End Citizens United

Funded by grassroots donations, End Citizens United is an organization that was formed in response to the 2010 court mandated decision that would allow private interest groups to be considered as “people” which has led to a lot of issues. This permission allows large private interest groups to donate large sums of money to political races of their choosing in order to tip the scale in the interest of that group’s favor. That case, which was passed back as long ago as 2010, was named Citizens United vs. F.E.C and it not only allows large, private interest groups to donate countless millions to the political party of their choosing under the guise of “corporations are people” but the money donated can be limitless amounts and the amount being donated cannot be traced. In essence, this means that politicians and political decisions can be bought.


This company was formed in 2015 on March, 1st. The purpose of this organization is to prevent the abuse of wealth that large corporations with ulterior motives might exhibit and to put an end to these plans before they take shape and change the direction that a campaign may go. They are 100% financed by grassroot donations, which means they do not accept donations from large corporations with the wrong intentions. Not only is End Citizens United aiming to prevent political bias born from contributions made by large corporations, but they also show support for those pro-reform candidates hoping to get elected. They are trying to spread awareness of abuse with money by keeping the issue of money in politics from being pushed to the back burner or “swept under the rug” so to speak.


As of today, since End Citizens United first began in 2015, the organization has collected millions but have only recently seen gains reaching a rapid amount in a short time. Just the first three months of this year they received $4 million in donations and are projected to make just about $35 million or so before the 2018 elections for congress begin. This would be quite the improvement in their raising of funds, compared to the $25 million they had raised for the 2016 election. Considered a political action committee (PAC), End Citizens United has received over 100,000 people’s contributions to their cause during only the first quarter of this year, 40,000 of which gave donations to the group for the very first time.


The average contribution this year, according to Muller, was around $12 USD. Those who involve themselves with this PAC have similar things to say about just why they donate. Many of its members feel like with other political groups, the bias leans towards giving the biggest bidders the most say, so this is their way of fighting back.


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