The Kabbalah Center and Its Quest to Offering Healing and Religious Services to Followers

The Kabbalah Center is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic courses on Zohar to various study groups across the world. Developed by Philip Berg in 1965, the organization has amassed a large following across various disciplines. The institution strives at eradicating chaos and providing followers with wisdom and tools necessary to improve their lives.

The center is currently staffed by 1000 employees in 50 regions worldwide. Information is disseminated through downloads, DVDs, books, and lectures. The mantle of leadership was previously held by Rav Yehuda Ashlag since its inception in 1922. Zohar simply decodes universal mysteries described within the Bible. More importantly, students get to exchange ideas and develop good relationships with their peers. Read Kabbalah Center News Here.

Specific Teachings of the Kabbalah

In addition, tutors adopt practical methods in educating scholars while not emphasizing on Hebrew knowledge. Alternatively, the center offers specific guidelines pertaining to astrology, light, sex, and Klippot. Such disciplines are aimed at providing a precise guideline for followers in their day to day activities. High profile personalities have enrolled into the teachings as a testament of its profound popularity.

Kabbalah conducts numerous community projects aimed at enhancing perceptions of students on various subjects. Furthermore, learners form a strong bond that strengthens all aspects of professional interactions. This form of religious education does not consider itself as a substitute, but rather a supplement to practiced religions. Students are at liberty to approach mentors and seek advice on sensitive matters affecting their lives. As such, a mentor’s guidance is crucial in promoting a healthy state of body and mind.

Berg credits his wife, Karen, and their two children, Michael and Yehuda as great sources of motivation in his life. Furthermore, their presence has significantly contributed to the growth of the Center. For instance, they played a vital role in setting up several community outreach programs such as feeding the homeless and raising awareness on religious matters. On the other hand, a competent team works round the clock to execute duties set by the Center. Click Here for More.

The Kabbalah Center sheds light on Judaism and future prospects aimed at attracting more clients. More importantly, followers are dressed in white turbans and yarmulkes as an official dress code. Passersby are free to approach any follower and obtain relevant information about the Center. for more.

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