Classdojo is a Communication Device, a Behavior Intervention Plan, and a Reward System

As modern people we are all aware of the importance technology plays in our everyday lives. Our societies are growing and evolving with the help of technology. This also included the utilization of technology in the classroom environment. There has been quite a positive growth for students, faculty, and parents due to a new technological device called Classdojo. Classdojo is a communication device that has recently become popular in school systems. Classdojo simplifies the process of collaboration between parents and teachers allowing a more holistic method to monitoring success and areas in need of growth for students.

Each student has his or her own individual character. The application has a generic example of behaviors teachers can use, or teachers can create their own list of behaviors to monitor in the classroom. This is an easier way to monitor classroom behavior than tallying classroom behaviors on the board. Monitoring student behaviors is as easy as clicking a button using Classdojo. Classdojo can also be accessed at home allowing interested parents easy access to progress or areas of concern. Additionally, the program is an easy prompt for parent conversations with their children. There is a messenger option for parents in need of quick contact with teachers. This is a faster and easier option than calling the main office of a school. Classdojo is an easy and quick open line of communication for teachers and parents.

Furthermore, Classdojo is a way of decreasing student concerns about behaviors and grades. It also serves as a reward system rewarding students for appropriate behavior and growth.

Classdojo has proven to be a great system benefitting all individuals involved in education: parents, teachers, and students. The utilization of this technological system in the classroom is an example of the evolutionary growth technology stimulates in modern society.

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