Rona Borre; Cutting Edge Entrepreneur And Business Executive

Rona Borre is the incumbent founder and chief executive officer of Instant Alliance. The Instant Alliance is a full-service staffing company that is dedicated to providing its wide range of clients with the best staffing services. The company thrives on being able to match the right individual with their desired company for mutual benefit and success.

Rona is one of the highly revered women in the entrepreneurship world. Rona earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. After she had completed her education, she set off her career at a receptionist at an advertising agency in Chicagoland.

In a recent interview, Rona Borre explained how she has been able to go above the fray in a market that is saturated with subpar hiring and placing services. She explains that working with a team that advocates for the values and principles as she does, goes a long way in ensuring that the job is done well. Rona also believes that a leader has to treat his/her employees well. They have to pass the challenge of embracing every new day and coming up with new ideas that can improve the business.

The idea of starting of Instant Alliance was placed in her mind after she had acquired the relevant skills from her previous job. The hiring and placement companies were going through a season of layoffs and Rona was able to turn the situation around in her favor despite the non-compete decree that was prevalent. She did this by establishing a rapport with her clients and giving them top notch treatment. The customers, in turn, appreciated her efforts by connecting her with the companies that she had placed them in and this led to the establishment of her successful company.  For additional reading, click on

Rona Borre mentions the chief people officer of McDonald’s as one of her major influences. Conversations with him have enlightened her on the importance of fostering a company culture and allowing the employees to explore innovative approaches as well. Instant Alliance is comprised of a young team of professionals who are eager to ensure that the early days of their careers are nothing but successful.

Rona Borre is an inspirational career woman and her impact in the industry has been celebrated by the numerous awards that she has received. She has been recognized by notable household names like CNN, CBS and the Crain’s Chicago among much more.  Related article on

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