How Success Academy is Changing Education

Success Academy is known for the unconventional approach that it has taken towards teaching and education in general. Students are taught directly by teachers for less than two hours each day. They then work together in groups to collaborate and come up with projects. Success Academy is focused on hands-on learning. It encourages students to think on their own. They concentrate on the literacy of the pupil through guided reading and writing workshops. The students are given a lot of time to bond together. This is done when they take a break for meals that are fully catered for by the school.


Success Academy teaches science as a subject to their students from the time they join kindergarten. Each class has a science teacher who takes students through experiments and educates them on how to get results from these tests. The majority of the students score more than 90% in the state-wide exams. Success Academy also accepts children with special needs. The school has been successful in helping them to learn at a high level. These students are given additional support. The psychologists provide counseling where a scholar needs it.


The Alliance City Schools and the Greater Alliance Foundation reached an agreement concerning the use of the revived building at Linden Avenue in Alliance, Ohio two weeks ago. Jeffrey Talbert acts as the superintendent. He said that the building would be leased to the school district for a thousand dollars each month. Success Academy will now be situated at the neighborhood center building that had been vacant for a long time. The school will cater for children with disabilities who need special attention and care from the teachers. The teachers are paired with therapists who help them to assess the needs of each student individually.


The rent that the Greater Alliance Foundation will pay each month will go towards the upkeep and maintenance fee for the building. Talbert had opened a Success Academy branch below the Chase Bank building in the city. He started it because he noticed that many children were leaving the district to seek better studies elsewhere.


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