Avazz activists Extol French Elections & WW2 Anniversery

Recently on May 8th, Avazz activists rallied at the Eiffel Tower in victory over the French presidential election of Emmanuel Macron, who won over liberal Marine Le Pen despite the rain. They celebrated the big win as well as the anniversary of WW2. Activists called for solidarity, diligence and harmony while waving banners that condemned racism and French or European flags. They were joined by other worldwide activists and even an Auschwitz camp survivor, Elie Buzyn, who requested Avaaz stay steadfast in their support of Macron, who they helped win, as well as renewing their dedication in the fight against extremism and violence. One supporter mentioned that citizens in Austria and the Netherlands also denied their extreme candidates. Avazz has brought awareness and demonstrated against the contentious National Front leaders.


Avazz is an online U.S. based civic organization that encourages international activism or involvement focuses on issues such as armed conflicts, corruption, poverty, climate change, economic matters and animal rights. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s biggest and influential online activist organizations. Avaaz means “voice” in various dialects around the world. Avaaz operates and constructs demonstrations globally, not just in the United States. Avaaz was created in 2007 to promote justice and democracy across the world in a vast assortment of matters. Its members are in over 200 nations and more than 40 million strong. The personnel uses 15 various languages to converse with members. This organization connects people worldwide and commissions them to intercede on different causes, awareness’s and matters. The campaigns are directed by a group located in over 30 countries around the world. This team offers assistance through email, online petitions, advertisements, legal consultation, campaign advice and other resources.

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