Bruce Bent II Leads Double Rock To Success

The success of the Double Rock Corporation has continued the large levels of achievement that have consistently been associated with the work of financial expert Bruce Bent II, the man who has led Double Rock Corporation from establishment to over $100 billion in managed assets. This success should not come as any surprise to those who have been aware do the work of Bruce Bent II in the past; the majority of those who know the name Bruce Bent II understand he came to prominence has Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation where he helps financial companies come up with creative financial solutions.

Bruce Bent attende Northeastern where he recieved his Bachelor’s degree. Quickly after that he began his financial career where has helped so many companies. He is iconic entrepenuer and financial guru of our time. His father was the founder of the first money market fund.Growing up in a financial family gave Bent II some of his innovating skills that he has carried through into his career.

Although he has developed a number of unique and innovative new areas of technology that have had a major effect on the global financial markets, Bruce Bent II enjoys looking back at those who have built long term careers when seeking business advice for the future. Not only does Bent II seek advice from his own father, but also harks back to Jean Paul Getty’s “How To Be Rich” when in need of business inspiration.

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