Susan McGalla Gives Women in Business Something to Think About

Susan McGalla is a business woman that knows how the marketing world works. She has made a lot of strides in business, and she is well-known and well-respected as a true marketing professional. McGalla has made a name for herself by knowing how to build brands. This is the talent that she shows to the world through her various positions in corporate America.


Right now people are witnessing her genius at work as she works on creative planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has done a magnificent job with building up a franchise that people respect. It is obvious that she is changing the structure of things with this franchise because fans of the Steelers can see a chance in the clothing for this team. There is also a new marketing strategy at hand that can help this team grow.


Susan McGalla is challenging other women that are in business to stop and look at the opportunities that are out there. The best way to become valuable to any organization is by making this organization grow through innovation. People in marketing have to bring something new to the table. They have to do something that has not been done before. That is the only true way that they can build better brands and change the direction that a company is going in.


What Susan has done down the through the years is establish brands by building marketing campaigns that would get people to talk about the companies. She was also moving in a fashion forward direction, and helped companies like Wet Seal become retail leaders by pushing the envelope by creating abundant buzz about hip and young clothes that could not be found anywhere else. Now she is giving the secrets of the success to other young women in business.

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