Vinny Parascandola; Exemplary Knowledge in Diverse Fields

Vincent Parascandola offers a broad range of financial services to high net worth individuals and institutions. His primary skills are in such areas as; commercial services, retirement plans, asset maintenance, estate development as well as life insurance plans. He earned his bachelor’s in computer science from Pace University. Currently, he serves in a New York-based organization, AXA Advisors, where he is the Senior Executive and Vice President.

Some Fundamental Services Provided by AXA Advisors

Mainly, the organization focuses on assisting individuals, and enterprises realize their financial security. More often people miss on the right steps, and it could affect their financial state eternally. With these servicers, though, you can never go wrong because they walk with you step by step. As well, they have been in existence since 1859, and therefore stand an ideal position to help you through.

AXA’s Philanthropic Records

The organization plays a vital role in helping people in the society. They are particularly fond of leveraging their finances towards building a better community. As for them, they are highly inclined towards corporate responsibility, which they achieve through their signature program. As well, they have a program, AXA Achievement, which guides them in helping students and educators at the college level.

AXA’s Scholarship Programs

AXA gives an opportunity for people to benefit with them. They endeavor in helping all the college students across all the ethnic and economic lines. If in need of the scholarship, you need to check with them for the right time to apply, as well as for the requirements of eligibility. Ambitious and self-driven students with an ability to succeed in college should never miss out. It is a lifetime chance to the United States students who want to benefit from the highly reliable organization.


People who are looking to envision their lives have no better decision to make than to check with AXA, thanks to Vinny and the entire administration. They provide you with all the tools you need so as to make it happen. Whether you are in search of an ideal education plan for your children, savings, and investments or anything related to financial security, you need not look any further than AXA Advisors.

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