The Kabbalah Center Los Angeles

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that teaches how the earth and life work together. Kabbalah mainly teaches on how to receive fulfillment in life. Kabbalah teachings touch on all the branches of our lives including health, career, and relationship. The teachings believe that all these branches come from the same trunk and stem of life. The Kabbalah teachings can well be described as the technology of how life works and the way one can get connection from the world to live a fulfilling life.

Kabbalah Center is a non-profit organization which is located in Los Angeles, California. The center was created mainly to offer Zohar and Kabbalistic teaching to both Jewish and non-Jewish in the United States of America. The Kabbalah Center also delivers its lessons online as well as through their city centers all over the world. The organization was founded by Phillip Berg and his lovely wife Karen Berg 1965.

The Kabbalah International has a staff with a vast experience of the Kabbalistic teachings, and they are dedicated to teach and guide their students to the right path of the Jewish teachings. Kabbalah Los Angeles was established in 1984. Since its foundation, it has been expanding with its Headquarters in Los Angles and other Kabbalah Centre branches worldwide including centers in Toronto, New York, and London.

The Kabbalah Center influence knowledge to their students and the teachings they share has to be practiced in their daily life. They trust that wisdom is not in blind faith put in practical application. The Kabbalah Center was created with the purpose of deepening the understanding of the Universe and why things are happening in life.

Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles trusts it is critical to study Kabbalah teachings as it has various benefits including; living a fulfilled life, have a better understanding of who you are, and above all living a happy life.

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