Launch of Scott Levy’s Raven Effect Gets Announced On The Network

The Raven Effect comes as the latest Addition to “The Jericho Network on PodcastOne.” This is news that has been provided by PodcastOne.

Scott “Raven” Levy is a former star from WWE star. He is now bringing in his famous Raven Effect moves. This will be on PodcastOne, which is the largest podcast network of the nation which is supported by advertisers. It will be through a new podcast each week. This was announced by PodcastOne Founder as well as Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz. He announced this along with the wrestling superstar Chris Jericho who is also the PodcastOne host.

This will be shown as a part of The Jericho Network. The Raven Effect is going to feature discussions about many things like current events, various conspiracy theories, besides culture of pop, as well as politics, as well as simply anything else that Raven can think of.

Some episodes of this program will even feature friends as well as those who feel they know everything besides the know-nothings. All of them will be bringing in their own individual views as they have the conversation along with this self-proclaimed and totally an idiot, Raven. It is going to be a variety and an entire hour revolving around fans. It is available right now. There will be new episodes that will be coming in every Monday. This will be on, besides the PodcastOne app along with iTunes.

PodcastOne Founder as well as Executive Chairman is Norman Pattiz. He believes that Chris has been able to brilliantly master this delicate balance of content based on wrestling along with many other exciting topics that include music, sports and so on. In fact, there will soon be another new show called “Beyond the Darkness”. This will be focus on paranormal here. Hence The Raven Effect appears all set to be a winning show for “The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne.”

The Raven Effect is going to be the latest show on The Jericho Network that will be a hit, as per Jericho. This is because he has been knowing Raven for many years now. He knows that just like Konnan, Raven is funny but intelligent, ridiculous but sarcastic, and highly entertaining. This is exactly what The Jericho Network will be. This is set to be another good show. And there are more programs that have been lined up.

Norman Pattiz, having more than 40 years of experience is the Chairman of PodcastOne. Besides, Norman Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One which is America’s largest provider of news, sports, besides entertainment and talk shows. Westwood One owns and manages NBC radio networks, CBS News, besides CNN Radio, and The Super Bowl besides many others.

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