Kim Dao Reviews Pokémon Makeup Products In Korea

The popular Australian YouTuber Kim Dao just put out a new video reviewing Tony Moly’s Pokémon-themed makeup products. She entitled her new video “*NEW* POKÉMON MAKEUP from KOREA.” All of the products in this video come from South Korea.

First off, Kim Dao reviews the Pikachu BB Cushion SPF 50 product. Although Kim was skeptical trying this out at first, she says that this BB cushion is far superior to Tony Moly’s previous iteration of the product. Overall, she says this BB cushion is very well made, but she thinks it’s a bit overpriced at $20.

Next, Kim Dao reviews Tony Moly’s Pokémon Eye Palette. Kim’s only problem with this eye palette is that it isn’t very pigmented. She recommends using a primer with this particular eye palette.

Kim Dao then reviews two special edition Pikachu Mascaras. Interestingly, Kim Dao likes using this red-colored mascara on her eyebrows more than her eyelashes. She finds that the color of the mascara matches up nicely with her hair color.

After trying out the red-colored mascara, Kim Dao tries out the regular black Pikachu Mascara. She tells her viewers that she doesn’t generally have luck with Korean mascaras, but she actually likes this one. For the price of $9, she says this is a good deal, although there are better mascaras on the market.

The next item Kim Dao reviews is the Pikachu Mini-Cushion Blusher. This is the first item Kim Dao is really impressed with. In addition to giving her cheeks that extra “glow,” Kim says this blush smells like strawberries.

The last two makeup items Kim reviews are Pokémon Lip Care Sticks. Kim Dao loves the Wigglytuff version of this product, but she doesn’t like the Pikachu version.

The video concludes with Kim Dao reviewing a bunch of Pokémon-inspired skin care products from South Korea.

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