Cotemar, The World Famous Vessel And Rig Service Company In Mexico

History And Values

Cotemar is a company majoring in energy exploration and production in Mexico. Incepted in 1979, Cotemar has been able to carve out its niche in the gas and oil production sector. Cotemar developments took place so as to create a newer and better service company for the energy sector. In its thirty-eight years of existence, Cotemar has grown to be the primary service provider for gas and oil exploration within the Mexican territory. Cotemar’s creation took place with two objectives in mind. These are:-

  • To provide accommodation, food and catering to workers on offshore mining rigs; and
  • To provide specialized dive, maintenance of equipment and transportation services.

However, attaining such success has not been easy for Cotemar. It has compelled this institution to practice a lot of discipline so as to maintain its high standards. Some of the guiding principles that Cotemar follows include:-

  • Provision of efficient working environments for energy exploration companies;
  • To encourage sustainability through innovations and use of modern technology;
  • To carry out all duties in a highly integral manner;
  • Render services to all clients in a timely and efficient manner; and
  • To instill the power of positivity on its labor force.

Services Offered By Cotemar

In its many years of operation, Cotemar has been able to increase its number of transport vessels, boats that move machinery and personnel from one location to the other. For this reason, it has also experienced an increase in its capacity of accommodating the workmen and women on oil rigs, and at the same time providing them with quality service.

Also, this company has diversified in supplying materials needed for deep water oil exploitation, and at the same time setting up and maintaining mining platforms. In 1996 alone, Cotemar took care of five rigs and three shipping vessels simultaneously.

Cotemar as a reputable institution has employed highly qualified personnel to ensure that the cabins, laundry, and beddings of oil and gas rig workers are properly taken care of especially when its vessels go on voyages.

Moreover, Cotemar diversifies in providing entertainment services for people working on oil rigs. All of Cotemar’s support vessels have cinemas, gymnasiums, television rooms and basketball courts.

What It Is Like To Work For Cotemar

By working for Cotemar, all your welfare as an employee is handled well. You are also able to explore the sea, have fun and get paid for it.

What Cotemar Does To Fulfill Its Sustainability Obligations

As much as Cotemar wants to make a profit at the end of the day, it ensures that it relays all its services in healthy environments. Besides, it greatly discourages wastage of resources and dumping of wastes in sea water.

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