A Lifetime of Successful Human Rights Campaigns

Thor Halvorssen is best known as a vocal human rights activist. He is a man of many hats, some of which include journalist, film producer, and active philanthropist. His writings, movie productions and charity efforts focus on bringing more attention to human rights issues around the world. Thor Halvorssen is the CEO and President of Human Rights Foundation, HRF. It is a global non-profit which he founded in 2005 in New York advocating for better human rights practices globally.

Through HRF, he is also the force behind the increasingly popular Oslo Freedom Forum based in New York. This is a global human rights platform hosted in Oslo every year since 2009 bringing together key public figures such as top human rights activists, business and political leaders from all corners of the world. Subsidiary events include the San Francisco Freedom Forum and the College Freedom Forum held in the US. It advocates better and transparent governance, human rights freedoms and world peace. It gives a voice to oppressed people to challenge those in power to effect positive change.

HRF has hosted other successful human rights based events around the world and has been active in countries such as China, Russia, Bolivia, Singapore and Ecuador among others. Hack North Korea in 2014 was a technology event that highlighted the importance of opening up the information sharing space in North Korea. HRF has also been involved in efforts to influence better membership choices at the UN Human Rights Council.

As a journalist, Thor Halvorssen contributes to popular media outlets such as Forbes, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, TIME and many others. Thor Halvorssen owns his film production company, Moving Picture Institute, which he founded in 2005. His notable productions include Freedom’s Fury, Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution and much more. The productions highlight human rights abuses across the globe such as the 1956 Hungarian revolt and prejudice on campus in the US.

Thor Halvorssen has spoken at various human rights forums and featured on media outlets across the world such as the BBC, CNN, Fox News and TEDx. He has previously worked for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, FIRE.

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