Todd Lubar’s passion in mortgage investments

Today, Todd Lubar is the Vice President of Legendary investments and the President of TDL Global Venture, LLC. The TDL Global Venture is a firm that aims at helping people and that is one Todd Lubar passion.

Everything started after finishing his University in Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in Speech Communication, but his focus was in Real Estate. Thus, after graduating Lubar joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for nearly four years as a loan inventor. While operating in Crestar, he learned new things such as mortgage banking which seemed to fascinate him. His skills and experience in mortgage banking assisted him in creating healthy relationships with prominent people in the industry such as insurance agents, financial planners, and real estate agents.

A few years later, Lubar decided to join Legal Financial group which is based in Arlington, Texas. His participation in the firm was extremely fruitful as the group was seen to develop. When it came to loan amount, the company made approximately one hundred million dollars in one year.

He decided in the year 2002 to change his Real estate focus to another organization, and this led to him opening Legendary Properties, LLC which was a domestic company. His positive impact on the Real Estate communities enabled the fast growth on rehabilitee’s, purchase, sell and profits on the various transactions. The company majorly transacted with multi-family and single family properties.

For nearly three years, Lubar worked with Legacy Financial Group but shifted to Charter Funding which was a division of First Magnus Financial Organization. After two years, Lubar decided to go back to his roots and continue purchasing mortgage origination working with Priority Financial services. The reason for doing so was; he saw that the mortgage companies were going through significant changes at that given time.

In many years, Todd has been ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators. Now, he resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his family. He still aims of making the world a better place and bringing positive impact to anything that comes his way.

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