Rick Shinto & Penelope Kokkinides are the Brains behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a pioneer in the industry in offering quality healthcare packages to the underserved within North America. Richard Shinto has been the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, at the time as Aveta, and while working together with a solid initiative group he has spearheaded InnovaCare to the achievement it enjoys today.

Dr. Rick Shinto was the medical provider network pioneer that is presently across Puerto Rico. Before reuniting with InnovaCare, Rick Shinto had filled the position of the MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice CEO. He likewise served as Chief Operations Officer & Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management firm and the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM on RocketReach, the Californian medicinal services organization.

Rick Shinto acquired more than 20 years of experience in clinical healthcare and operational solutions before reuniting into Aveta Inc. (presently InnovaCare) in 2008. At InnovaCare Health, Rick launched various fruitful projects that saw numerous underserved patients’ access appropriate healthcare services. Under the leadership of Shinto, InnovaCare has seen more than 200,000 people join its participation program on Crunchbase which has more than 7,500 workers to take into account of the customers.

As indicated by Rick Shinto, giving simple access to Medicare and Medicaid isn’t the last stop. He likewise teaches healthcare awareness to his patients and simultaneously offering backing to their families whenever the time their friends and family are in treatment. It is such compassionate gestures from a licensed MD that has seen Rick scoop the “Access to Caring Award”.

Part of Shinto’s winning secret lies in utilizing talented and experienced management group on BusinessWire to the mainstay of initiative at InnovaCare. As of late, he acquired three new faces to the administration group, one of them being the similarly aspiring, visionary and gifted Penelope Kokkinides who services as the InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer. Ms. Kokkinides has more than 20 years of experience dealing with healthcare solutions.

With more than 200,000 people joined to its enrollment program on LinkedIn, InnovaCare is the key supplier of affordable healthcare plans in North America. The organization is situated in Puerto Rico, and has more than 7,500 workers. Presently, InnovaCare has two human services modes, to be specific MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice.

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