Omar Boraie Helps the Field of Precision Medicine

Thanks to a donation of $1.5 million on behalf of Boraie and his family, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was founded at Rutgers University.

According to Newswise, the real estate and business magnate made a pledge of supporting Rutgers University’s “18 chair challenge”. The monetary donation of approximately $1.5 million also helped found a program dedicated to propel the field of precision medicine, which according to NJ Biz is known as the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. However, an anonymous individual also donated over $50 million to the university that helped start its campaign in the first place. Endowed chairs, which are sought after universities, represent a university’s dedication and commitment to an academic field. Endowed chairs help scholars create improvements in academic disciplines.

Precision medicine, a relative new field, has been bringing new insights and improvements in the field of oncology. Genomic science has allowed physicians to study tumors on a genetic level. Not only that, but better individualized therapies has been applied to patients thanks to genomic science. Because of genomic sequencing, oncologists have been able to treat patients who suffer from rare types of cancer or that have become immune to conventional types of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Rutgers Cancer Institute was also one of the first facilities in the world to use genomic sequencing in order to help people with cancer.

Robert D. DiPaola, the director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, congratulated Boraie for his pledge and support towards the field of precision medicine. The director thinks that Boraie’s contributions have left a legacy not just in New Jersey but the whole world in general. Sam Boraie, who has a rigorous background in chemistry, hopes that his actions will motivate other affluent individuals so that they can also contribute to Rutgers Cancer Institute.

The oncologist, professor and researcher Shridar Ganesan was nominated for the highly regarded chair. Dr. Ganesan, other than coming from Harvard Medical School, is also one of the best academic researchers and leaders in the medical field. According to the medical expert, there is still a lot know about cancer. Genomic analysis can provide more precise or more efficient tailored treatments. He also thinks that Boraie’s pledge will help improve the field of precision medicine radically. To read more about Boraie Development, go to


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