Eric Pulier Is a Big Deal in the Tech World

Eric Pulier has become quite famous on the tech scene. This is due in large part to his amazing career making tech startups that consistently work. He has been able to put together a formula for his startups that very few people have been able to match. However, this is certainly not for a lack of trying. Many other people in Silicon Valley have repeatedly studied the work of Pulier to try and decode his phenomenal success. They have had a difficult time doing this. However, Eric Pulier has given some insight into how he has been able to achieve so much in such a short people of time.

Pulier says that one of the main reasons why so many of his startups have managed to pay off over the years is because of the work he puts into them. He does a great deal of research which allows him to determine if a startup idea will be viable of not. Eric believes that it is always better to find this out in the early stages instead of later on when a great deal of time and money has already been invested. He first determines if his idea for a startup will be able to get the necessary financing. Obviously, a startup will be dead in the water if nobody will be willing to put money into it. Ideas that will not be able to get financed will be quickly discarded.

The next step of the process is to figure out if the general public will have any interest in the startup. This can be done on a number of ways. Pulier feels that focus groups are a good way to gather this sort of info. However, he will often do online survey which are much faster. However, the accuracy of online surveys is often not as good as a focus group. Once again, startup ideas that are determined to have little interest from the public are done away with. This allows Eric to focus his time and resources on projects that have a much better chance of catching on and being profitable.

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