Class Dojo Raises more Venture to Provide Better Services for their Clients

Class Dojo is an education app that has been around since 2011. This enterprise has raised $21 million dollars in 2016 to increase the services that they offer to people who sign up for their platform. Services are available for teachers and their students. Teachers often use Class Dojo to inform parents about what their children are doing throughout the day.


Many of the positive in-class behaviors are often sent to parents through the form of a text message or a video. Educators can also immediately contact parents in the event that an emergency happens at a school or if their child gets sick while in school.


According to, Class Dojo also wants to be a platform that will allow parents and teachers to meet with each other without being inconvenienced. Many parents cannot get to parent/teacher meetings because they don’t have the time, do not have transportation or even have a desire to speak about their kid’s education.  Related articles on their page


However, Class Dojo can help to eliminate this problem by allowing teachers and parents to meet up over their mobile devices. This is a great time saver and it also makes things a lot easier on both parties. Check this related link.


Class Dojo is working hard to include more services and high quality content for parents and students. This way everyone will be successful in the education process of a child.  See

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