Betsy DeVos Impresses In Many Areas Of Life

The newly installed Secretary of State for Education, Betsy DeVos is a community leader I have known of for many years since she became heavily involved in the work of the education reform movement; however, I know of a range of different areas of life Betsy DeVos has played a key role in as she has sought to aid the people of the state of Michigan and the U.S. as a whole. Mrs. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan and despite her wealth and success in many different areas of life she remains a resident of the state she has tried to aid in many different ways close to Grand Rapids, the city her husband Dick DeVos has called home for his entire life.

The public life of Betsy DeVos began when she was a student at Calvin College and she became an active participant in a number of political groups; I myself did not hear of Betsy DeVos until she had already established herself as one of the most important education reformers in the country. Mrs. DeVos is now well known to the majority of people for her work in promoting the use of school choice programs, vouchers, and charter schools. The dedication Betsy has shown over the last few decades has amazed me as she has traveled across the country in a bid to explain to families the benefits open to them when state and local officials establish school choice systems that often go unreported by local press groups.

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Betsy DeVos is best known to myself as an education reformer, but I have also been shocked by the level of success she has achieved in other aspects of her philanthropic and business career. As the co-founder of The Windquest Group, an investment company established with her husband, Mrs. DeVos has looked to promote local companies and startups in emerging areas, such as green energy and innovative water supply options. The backing shown by Betsy for many different philanthropic groups has also been a great area of success I have been impressed by, including the more than $20 million provided for the Kennedy Center for the Arts that takes in many different campaigns and programs.

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