Alexandre Gama Blazes A Trail In Global Advertising

Prior to the arrival of Alexandre Gama in the Brazilian advertising industry there was little global acceptance for creatives from South America, but Gama himself has managed to change the entire perception of Brazilian advertising through his success on a global scale. Beginning his career in 1982, Alexandre Gama has worked his way to the top of the industry in what could be described as an amazing journey in an industry that traditionally sees a high turnover of professionals.

Alexandre Gama had already found a major level of success in Brazil in the 1980s and 90s when he decided to form his own Neogama agency in 1999; for example, by 1990 Gama had moved from his role as a writer at Standard Ogilvy to the DM9 agency where he became the most awarded writer in Brazil over his four years with the company. The success of the work of Alexandre Gama has made him a globally recognized figure who has sat on jury’s for film and advertising festivals in Britain and across Europe. Gama’s work has also been classed as art with exhibitions being held in a number of world renowned museum spaces, including an extensive exhibition held at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Not only has the success of Alexandre Gama seen him rewarded with a series of awards from Cannes and the honor of being the first Brazilian to hold a masterclass at Cannes, but his career has also seen his Neogama ad agency rewarded with partnerships with the major agency BBH. Whilst acting as the global Chief Creative Officer for the BBH Neogama partnership Gama also developed his long held interest in motor sports and the automotive industry when he decided to become a partner in the English sports car manufacturer, Briggs Automotive Company.

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