George Soros Returns to Politics

With the prospect of a President Donald J. Trump looming, billionaire investor George Soros did the only thing he COULD do: he returned to help fund democratic candidates and their causes. George Soros isn’t a household name but if you talk to anyone in Washington D.C. then you’ll think he’s something of a legend — and he is. Soros is a billionaire investor who first really jumped into politics back in 2004 on, to help fund Al Gore’s run against George W. Bush. What has the mogul been up to this election cycle?

It’s hard to exaggerate just how bizarre the presidential election of 2016 has been for America. At the beginning of the election season Americans were faced with a likely Clinton vs. Bush round two featuring Jeb and Hillary. The results, as we know now, were anything but. George Soros, at 85 years old, is as staunch a progressive democrat as you will find in politics. After Gore’s loss to Bush in ’04, Soros took a bit of a step back from politics. He promised to scale back his investing and spend more time on the sidelines. However, with just how bizarre 2016’s election became, Soros couldn’t stand by.

George Soros is a Brooklyn based investor who has been changing the game for 50 years or so. George Soros has a 25 year long relationship with Hillary which makes his return to support her “I’m With Her’ campaign all the easier to understand. According to financial statements, Soros would invest something near $25 million into democratic causes and campaigns, including Hillary Clinton’s.

Michael Vachon, the political advisor for George Soros, says that his boss has been even more engaged with politics this year. Vachon says that he and Soros believed that the stakes were “exceptionally high” and that they covered many issues that “George cares most about”. It’s safe to say that Soros’ return from his 2004 political retirement was long overdue and, perhaps, more important than ever. With Donald Trump winning the election it will mean that Soros needs to stay more involved than ever to keep progressives involved in the government.

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