Dick DeVos Looks To Give Back Through Education And Much More

Dick DeVos is a name many of us have already become well acquainted with through the work he has completed alongside his wife, Betsy, in trying to reform the education system in their home state of Michigan and across the U.S. Education reform has been a key part of the work of Dick DeVos for more than three decades as he and Betsy have sought to develop charter schools and school choice options after becoming inspired by a trip to the Potter’s House Christian School in their home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Dick and Betsy DeVos became inspired to enter the world of education reform and do as much as possible to aid the children of Michigan in getting the best education possible through campaigns, and their own time and money. I personally became aware of Dick DeVos when he began taking an interest in education reform in Florida and helped lead a successful campaign to allow school vouchers and choice plans to give families the best chance of getting a high quality education. Dick had already developed links to Florida I was aware of when he spent a portion of the early 1990s as the President of the Orlando Magic before he returned to his family’s AmWay Group as President in 1993, Wikipedia reports. I have always been impressed with the work completed by Dick DeVos as a philanthropist, including his education reform work that saw him become a member of the Michigan School Board, which I read about in an article from the Philanthropy Roundtable. I was already aware of the interest Dick has in aviation that has seen him form the West Michigan Air Alliance and led to the creation of the aviation based charter school, the West Michigan Air Academy; there have been many different areas of philanthropic work completed by Dick DeVos, including his dedication to the arts through the Kennedy Center for the Arts and local arts prizes in the Grand Rapids region.


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