Atlanta Hawks Contract Issues Finally Taken To Court By Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson came to national and international attention when he headed a consortium that purchased the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise. The Thrashers were sold by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium earlier in the 21st century, but the decision to sell the Hawks came at a time when this historic franchise sat at the top of the NBA standings; after Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were given the job of selling the franchise comments b y general manager Danny Ferry were identified by the legal team of Bruce Levenson as evidence of a move towards constructive dismissal.

The chance to develop the issues around Danny Ferry was taken by Bruce Levenson and his employees at the Atlanta Hawks and led to negotiations between the group and insurance company AIG about a potential insurance claim. Papers filed in the Fulton County Court explain AIG agreed with the constructive dismissal claims of the consortium, but have since failed to respond to any claims made about the status of the insurance claim. In a report by Time Magazine,  Levenson’s lawyers are seeking a financial settlement and a penalty against AIG as they believe the claim was a simple one with numerous clauses of the policy triggering a potential financial settlement being reached.

Bruce Levenson is a successful business leader who has recently been using the free time he has following the sale of the Atlanta Hawks franchise to help others in communities he feels are affected by his life. A good example of the charitable responsibility Bruce Levenson maintains is his decision to keep the UCG company he established in the 1970s located in the Maryland area of the U.S. Bruce Levenson has also looked to fight bigotry in its many forms by acting as the chair of a ball benefiting the Anti-Defamation League for the Kennedy Center for the Arts soon after departing the NBA community.


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