Lime Crime Are One of the Top Brands Out There


Lime Crime is a beauty product company that provides consumers with a vibrant assortment of lipsticks and eyewear. Its CEO, Doe Deere, according to their website founded the company to illustrate the beauty of uniqueness in every makeup enthusiast who wants to express him or herself in a colorful way. Since the day she launched the brand back in 2008, her products have grown exponentially throughout the years.

You can find popular lipsticks that have been trending on social media such as the Velventine and Perlees lipsticks. These two lipsticks sustain the demand for fun outgoing lip colors with a one of a kind promise. The promise is to provide the consumer with an outstanding product with always being “cruelty-free.” That means being vegan and cruelty to free and judgment free. The product is all about self-freedom to shine your colors as vibrantly as you.

You can find the company’s brand products in select Urban Outfitters across the US and other countries.

Another outlet to keep you updated on the brand’s latest news and products is to follow them on social media. Tumblr is a great source to identify the next new trend of lip wear that the brand illuminates by its powerful handle on social media. If you have any question about a product the company’s Facebook is very responsive to the feedback they get on posts. So do not be shy to ask questions.


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