Keith Mann Shows His Charitable Side

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners raised, successfully, well over twenty-two thousand dollars for Uncommon Schools. The fund-raising event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Persons, involved in the industry of financial services, attended the fund-raising event. The funds generated, from the fund-raising event, will allow for proper student testing—pertinent to college.


The prime objective of Uncommon Schools is to make certain a low income child is sufficiently ready for college. In other words, Uncommon Schools, makes it its purpose to prepare low income children for college. It is the goal of Uncommon Schools to assure students, that traditionally could not go to college, are afforded the ability to attend college, too.


Uncommon Schools has new quarters, inside of Brooklyn, New York. The student testing which has been provided with the proper funding includes that of PSAT and AP Testing. Dynamics Search Partners, prior to the fundraiser, had also committed to an amount of $10,000, in order to assure that all of the testing requirements, of the students, were adequately addressed.


Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners started working with Uncommon Schools (New York) during 2013. The idea, behind the relationship, was to establish a platform, wherein, Dynamics Search Partners could aid students in acquiring practical skill-sets; allowing each of the students to attain success at the University and within their respective careers.


Keith Mann is quite supportive of the creative efforts of the school network, as well as its challenge to students to become academically superior. Mr. Mann, looks, forward, with great anticipation, in working with students, towards the achievement of their respective goals for decades to follow.


Mr. Mann, suggested that he and his company were quite pleased that they were working in partnership with Uncommon Schools. He said that a tour was provided to him and his company, of the unique school. He was, as well, advised of its programs. Mr. Mann further intimated that he had the opportunity of sitting in—observing the activity in the school’s classroom.


Keith Mann, was encouraged to find out that the seniors were very excited about following up their high school education, in way of receiving college training. He mentioned that the Senior populace, at the high school, was highly interested in learning how to establish the best individual posture in order to enter college, internships, and establish careers.


Information about Keith Mann—CEO and Founder of Dynamics Search Partners:


Mr. Mann has been involved, within the industry of Executive Search, for a period of fifteen years. He has acquired expert knowledge in the way of Hedge Funds, as well as staffing and employment strategies.


Mr. Mann, previously, held the post of the Managing Director of Dynamics Executive Search. It was during this post that he provided recruitment services for a global financial services organization. He then, successfully, initiated creation of the Alternative Investment Practice, inside of Dynamics Executive Search—during 2002. He was able to aptly succeed in the preceding activity, after recognizing that the Hedge Fund Industry was growing by leaps and bounds. The hedge fund community, so it seemed, was not being properly serviced by the search community. Mr. Mann, next, expanded the practice into that of the industry of private equities. The expansion occurred in 2006. During the year, 2009, Keith Mann created Dynamics Search Partners. The company is also known by the acronym of DSP.


By definition, Dynamics Search Partners is an exclusive executive search organization, whose commitment lies with that of the alternative investment company. Mr. Mann, currently, is CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. He has responsibility for the daily functions and operations of the company. He is very assistive to his client base. He hires investment professionals, internal strategy personnel, as well as marketing professionals for companies—adding to each organization’s existing workforce. He also builds new virtual venues or platforms for his clientele.


Dynamic Search Partners works with organizations, located within the alternative investment industry. The company provides services, too, to a global marketplace, inclusive of Asia, Europe, and the United States. DSP is able to address two-hundred customer requests—yearly.


Notes with Regard to DSP:


Dynamics Search Partners, also referred to by the acronym of DSP, is a highly regarded firm, in the way of Executive Search. It is totally dedicated to finding persons, very talented, for the industries of Hedge Funds and Private Equities. The company has enjoyed a 10-year continuing record of success. DSP has been able to match its client-base with talent, originating from all areas of the world, and possessing varying skill-sets.


DSP, correctly suggests, that its continual success is relative to relationship building. It has formed successful alliances and acquaintanceships with its candidates and its clientele, alike. The relationships, between Dynamics Search Partners, and its clients and candidates, have been building blocks, over time, ultimately allowing the company to establish a firm foundation. The company is well-aligned with an exceptional network of professionals, inside of the industry. DSP possesses the knowledge, in order to provide industrial-strength services to its alternative investment industry clientele.


Information Regarding: Uncommon Schools


Uncommon Schools is comprised of a network of forty-two charter schools located within New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. The network of schools is managed, successfully, by a home-base, inside of New York City. There are also regional locations which manage the schools, on an operational basis. The network—Uncommon Schools—provides a wide range of support, inclusive of mentoring and managing leaders of education. They provide support, in the form of professional development, recruitment of personnel, and fund-raising activities, and other ancillary functions.


Educational venues, located in New York City, the Boston area, Camden, Rochester, Troy and Newark, due to the management and operational support provided by Uncommon Schools, are better able to focus their efforts on that of supplying their respective student populations with an education, which meets high standards of academic excellence. Uncommon Schools is able to initiate and, subsequently, manage superior charter public schools, thus, closing the achievement gap, and ultimately preparing students from low-income households to eventually graduate from a University.


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