Get Life Tips From Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an extremely knowledgeable guy who wants to help others get ahead in life. He has already experienced great success in business. He is the founder of He is also a serial entrepreneur who has been earning a good living for himself and his family for over 20 years. He has learned many things along the way which could be of use to anyone. is a site that teaches people how to make money online and educates them on business opportunities that will transform their life. Josh Verne thinks that you can live a fuller, more successful life if you put effort into balancing your life, listening more and being a good leader.


Josh tells everyone he meets that in many ways life is a balancing act. It requires you to think about your health, your family and your work. You must not neglect any of these areas because they are interdependent. If you have money but your relationship with your significant other or children is bad, you will not be happy. You may have worked all that time for nothing. If you have a loving family but you cannot afford to take care of them, you may also feel that you are a failure. This is why balance is important. If you balance everything, you will feel alive and have true success.


It is important to listen to others to be successful. Josh is fond of recounting that we have two ears and only one mouth. This means that we should use our mouths less. Josh believes that listening will make you a smarter person and win you respect. Once you have received the respect of others, it is easier to become friends. People will look out for you if you demonstrate that you care about their problems. Speaking less has other advantages. If you are reserved with your words, people will take you more seriously when you do speak. Your word will have more weight. People will remember what you say. You can think of it like economics. Your words can become a scarce resource. Why would you want your wisdom to be seen as a commodity? Be like Josh.

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