Equities First Holdings is a private institution that provides consumers with alternative financing solutions. The establishment has always been committed to helping its customers get the capital they need so that they can meet their professional and personal goals. The company offers money to individuals whose shares that are publicly traded.

Since its establishment in the market several years ago, Equities First Holdings has been acquiring more clients from different parts of the globe. The organization has managed to open several branches in nine nations in the world. Some of these branches include Equities First London, Equities First Singapore, Equities First Hong Kong and Equities First Australia. The private company is planning to open more branches in the recent future to boost its revenue.

Banks and other lending businesses in the world have decided to tighten their lending criteria, making it hard for the consumers to meet the credit qualifications. With the harsh economic climate, these institutions have been forced to increase their interest rates too. On the other hand, Equities First Holdings has noticed an increase in its clientele. This is because the customers are only required to use their stocks to acquire loans. As long as the loans are trading in the public, then the clients can access their loans for a short duration.

Apart from being accessible to investors and other organizations, the loans from this company do not attract high-interest rates like those from the conventional banks. The clients get a fixed interest of the capital borrowed. There are no restrictions on these loans, and this means that the borrower has the liberty to use the credit the way they want.

Equities First Holdings has a team of experts who work day and night to make sure that the needs of the demanding clients are met in time. These individuals process the loans very fast, and the clients do not have to wait for a long time. Since it was established in 2002, the organization has been very successful, completing more than six hundred and fifty transactions. These operations are estimated to have been worth over one and a half billion. Under the leadership of Al Christy, the organization wants to open more branches to reach more people in different parts of the world.

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