Eric Pulier brings Starlight to Children with Diabetes

Eric Pulier, an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist most famous for his technological ventures and his creation of “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, has turned his talents towards helping children with diabetes take control of their disease. Starlight Diabetes is an interactive computer game, created by Eric Pulier for the Starlight Foundation, which allows children to venture through their own bodies and explore the effects of changing blood sugars on their system. In addition to the game, he also helped build a social media platform called Starlight World in the hopes that children suffering from the disease could interact and share their experiences with one another.Eric Pulier has made frequent and generations to Starlight for many years, allowing it to grow and expand, and as a result, he has helped countless children cope with what can be a devastating ailment.

The importance of his contribution cannot be understated. Never before has there been a platform like this one.For years, children with diabetes and their guardians have struggled to remember the hard and fast rules of their disease after receiving life-changing news. “Don’t eat this.” and “Don’t do this.” are the only lessons they received after diagnosis and it could be a difficult and discouraging challenge for the whole family. The Starlight program empowers and encourages children and their families, allowing them to live happy and healthy lives.

With Eric Pulier’s help, Starbright World has made it’s way into over 75 hospitals, providing a fun and encouraging platform for children. The game’s main character has even become a popular mascot for diabetes education.

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