3 Amazing Facts About Eric Pulier

He Is One Of The Most Important Inventors In Tech

The most important thing to understand about Pulier is his record of innovations and breakthroughs. He has managed to get his hands involved in everything from remote desktops to APIs. In fact in November 2016 alone he filed patents for 2 inventions of his. His success in innovating is so great that for the past 25 years he has managed to release a new invention every year. Some years he has even managed to acquire patents on a monthly basis in a demonstration of his enormous talent.

He Is One Of The Biggest Philanthropists Of Our Time

Although Eric Pulier has created a multimillion dollar fortune he has a sense of priorities and places that fortune with context. A father to four children he wants to give them the best world he can leave them. To do this Eric Pulier maintains a strong presence as a philanthropist. From his early days working for Starbright World to his current position in the Clinton Global Initiative Pulier has maintained the importance of giving back to others. Often he helps others through the the inventive software he churns out.

Perhaps the most pithy example of Pulier’s work is the social network Starbright World. When Pulier decided to give the world its first private social network he went out of his way to give children in the Starbright Foundation’s network of hospitals a chance to talk to others with similar experiences with chronic disease. As of now the Starbright World social network is active in over 70 hospitals reflecting the continued charity of Pulier.

He Has Helped Bill Clinton Solve World Issues

This innovation has attracted the interest of politicians looking for someone who can help advance their causes. During the late 90s Bill Clinton contacted Eric Pulier and asked him to joib the Clinton Global Iniative. With the help of Pulier this organization seeks ways to combat the most important issues of our time. Everything from the global warming crisis to water shortage crises crosses Pulier’s desk at some point.

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