Cone Marshall Advances Into The International Market For Tax And Estate Law


Cone Marshall is the first New Zealand law firm to develop a service that is reserved for foreign estate and tax litigation. The firm has worked on this area since its inception in 1999, thereby achieving great results within the period it has been operational. At onset, there were many challenges and no notable progress was recorded within the first five years. However, from 2005, Cone Marshall started picking up due to the new structures that were introduced to make service delivery accurate and fast.


The firm hired more professionals who had many years experience and the objective was to streamline the service delivery process to include actionable processes that are also easy on the part of the clients. True to the expectations, these changes have reflected in today’s running of the firm and there is proof it is among the most preferred providers of tax and estate litigation support across New Zealand and abroad.


It is the great support that has come from the management team that has enabled the achievement of that progress. Cone Marshall has also embraced new technology that has been integrated into the existing systems of service delivery. The results have been a seamless infrastructure where access to information has been simplified further for both the clients and the staff.


For instance, it is now possible for clients to request for assistance remotely without having to go to the main offices. The online system allows them to upload their problems with detailed instructions then the staff at Cone Marshall is able to pick to problem and offer a solution within few days or hours.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has offered training to its staff to allow them to understand how the new processes work. This has made resolution of cases easy and clients can enjoy the fast processing of problems. Those with urgent tax and estate cases have enjoyed quick and accurate responses.


Focused and talented leaders

All the achievements that Cone Marshall has recorded are due to good leaders, who have come up with unique ideas that have transformed the way the firm operates. Karen Marshall is a law graduate who has for more than 20 years served in the commercial litigation industry. Since she joined Cone Marshall she has offered support to useful projects that have activated the achievement of success. She seeks support from Geoffrey Cone, the founder and head of the firm. He is consulted on virtually every issue that seeks to develop the firm into a better entity.



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