Get to Know Jewish American Businessman Bruce Levenson

Time Magazine‘s Bruce Levenson is a very successful Jewish American businessman and philanthropist (read article). Levenson was raised in Maryland, despite being born in Washington D.C. As he grew up he began to realize he had a passion for journalism.

Levenson attended and graduated from Washington University before becoming a graduate of the American University School of Law. While a student at American University, Bruce Levenson still remained focused on his true profession of being a journalist, working at the Washington Star while furthering his education at the university.

In 1977, Levenson and businessman Ed Peskowitz co-founded privately held business information company United Communications Group (UCG). Under the leadership of Levenson and Peskowitz UCG became one of the leading companies in the business information industry.

Levenson is an avid sports lover and enthusiast. he fell in love with the sport of basketball at an early age in his life. His love for the sport led to him becoming one of the majority owners of NBA team the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. It was one of his favorite business deals in his successful career. During his time as owner of the team Levenson served on the NBA’s Board of Governors as well. Levenson sold the team in late 2014 after being its owner for a decade. See,


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