Corrections Officers, Inmates And Families Will Have An Easier Time Communicating Thanks To Securus’s Automated Systems

If you have ever had a friend or family member jailed like I have, then you’re all too familiar with the agonizingly slow paperwork process. This is all changing now thanks to Securus Technologies and their ConnectUs Automated Systems. Now it will be easier and faster than ever to stay in touch with loved ones.


In a recent article from PR Newswire, the new technology is explained in detail. Their new inmate forms and grievance application system is all done electronically, saving everybody time and money. Russell Roberts, the VP of Marketing Technologies explained, “The inmate forms and grievance application on ConnectUs is an example of how we are modernizing our customers with the latest, most effective technologies.”


With an average of almost 14 forms per month for each inmate, this saves massive amounts of paper, which saves money. It saves a lot of money in the long term. Also, being all digitally done, it is instantly processed as opposed to the old-fashioned filing systems that are rapidly becoming extinct. Through kiosks and Mp3 access, inmates can have a look at their appeal process in real-time as well. This gives them peace of mind and faster ability to correct or dispute any errors.


The fully automated system governs what information is available and when it is open for inmate use. Their newly acquired addition of JPay makes it even more of a robust system, with easier ways for everyone to use it. CEO of JPay, Ryan Shapiro stated, “We are always eager to expand our footprint.” This will surely do just that. There are so many behind bars these days for so many reasons, having a simpler and more cost-effective system is a welcome addition to any facility. For more information on these matters, click the links in this article.


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