ClassDojo Finalizes its Series B Round Financing to Boost Parents’ Experience when Using the Platform

Recently, ClassDojo finalized its Series B round of funding, which helped it raise about $21 million. The venture funding was aimed at facilitating the development of a technology that connects parents with educators in a bid to allow them to communicate constantly regarding students’ activities as well as behavioral and social development. Communication between both parties allows parents to stay informed on the experiences and behaviors of their children in school.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary revealed that the Series B round culminated late last year. As such, the company was utilizing the funds to identify the ideal features and content for parent users as well as growing the company’s team. The recent financing initiative included various entities and supporters such as General Catalyst, which led the Series B round. SignalFire, GSV and Reach Capital were the new investors.

Since Class Dojo’s inception in 2011, it has raised about $31 million in the form of venture capital funding. Hemant Taneja, the Managing Director of General Catalyst, indicated that ClassDojo had graduated from a platform that is dedicated to teaching good behaviors to one that allows collaboration between students, parents and educators. According to ClassDojo, over 85,000 academic institutions in the US actively utilize its application .The schools include public, charter and private schools.


ClassDojo serves as a communication platform that has been eliciting a lot of debate in the academic sector .The United States has been the largest consumer of ClassDojo, as 2 in 3 schools countrywide utilize the platform to connect teachers, students as well as parents. ClassDojo operates just like a social media platform, as parents, teachers and students can interact by sharing pictures and videos. However, parents and educators can talk privately regarding the welfare of their students without having to share contacts.

The application is supported by a myriad of operating systems such as Kindle Fire, iOS, Android and many others. It has managed to unite schools including principals, school leaders and teachers through interaction, which has created a strong school community. Further, the interaction process has been simplified since parents have the opportunity of translating massages into any desired language.

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